Review of match Federer — Medvedev, 2-0, 27.03.2019

Russian Daniil Medvedev and Swiss Roger Federer today first start on the main court masters in Miami determined among themselves the last participant of the quarterfinals, which was already waiting for Kevin Anderson, who beat yesterday in 2 sets Jordan Thompson. It was the third meeting between the players and the previous 2 that passed last year won the famous Swiss, although one of them in Basel Daniel could set Roger to take.

Quite expectedly, Federer was the favorite of this meeting, although the odds on him, the bookies put very careful, because in this tournament on the grid he moved so confidently, as expected, losing one set in the first match Albota, and 1/16 against Kreinovich not without problems the game has developed.

Plus Medvedev from the beginning of the season on the game added in that case, if it showed all that capable, could issues Roger to create.

Previously, You could see the forecast for this meeting on our website, which was successful as the match for Federer, who showed excellent tennis, while Medvedev and 50% that can not showed in what a considerable merit of the Swiss.

The contents

  • The statistical picture of the match
  • Video game review, best moments
  • Game overview
  • The first set
  • The second set
  • The insights and perspectives of tennis

The statistical picture of the match

Statistics of the match completely consistent with his account, because Federer was better in everything. He performed on the flight 5 innings, while preventing any double faults, handing out the first pitch with 69%, which won 85% of his hands. From Medvedev only had 2 aces and 1 double fault, and the percentage of hitting the first feed was 59% with which he won 63% of the points. In the second filing that the players showed almost equal performance, Daniel has won 57% of the balls, and Roger 60%.

100% implementation of breakpoints in this match showed Federer having 3 break, while Medvedev was 3 breakpoint, and in one from the game, and none of them he couldn’t convert. In terms of active points indicators were as follows: Federer 22, Medvedev 14, with only 8 unforced errors Roger made, but in Daniel they were 15.

Video game review, best moments

Game overview

On this tennis, which today showed Federer, even if Medvedev played his best tennis, he will win at least Seth was very difficult.

The Swiss improved his game compared to the 2 previous matches, knowing that with that game he can not beat the Russian. Plus Daniel today, frankly, failed at the grid, winning only 3 of the 13 draws. Roger is almost always seen, when the Russians go there, but his Curling shot beats him all right, and with both hands. And to beat the Swiss, when he is almost no mistakes, the ones in the tour and clearly the Russians were not ready to be with them in a row.

The first set

The first half of the set was the pattern matches players with strong serves and much struggle is not tied, to a maximum which is reached rivals at a reception this score is 30-30. Everything seems smoothly went to the tiebreak and then in the 9th game of Medvedev 3 times is not filed with the first filing than the Swiss instantly took advantage, managing to make a break, and came to serve for the set. But, game 10th for Roger started very badly, he lost the first 3 of the drawing, and it seemed that the score 5-5 inevitable.

But it is Federer that used to get out from such situations in his career already was a lot.

From speed first serve, he added, plus the draws were very stable, which allowed to play all the breakpoints, and from the first set point to complete the set in their favor.

The second set

In the second set, the intrigue died in the first game, when Federer managed to make a break. At a reception today, Medvedev frankly nothing worked, some of the jokes he’s a good hold, but no more. But the Swiss one break of serve in this set decided to go, caught at a reception in the 7th game, and lost there during 15-40, but then won 4 points in a row, and at the breakpoint Russian made double, without a struggle giving your game.

I must give credit to Daniel because in the next game, where Roger served for the match, he led 30-0 even without lowering the hands in such a situation, but for the most Swiss already not allowing, winning a further 4 goals in a row and the match in the end.

The insights and perspectives of tennis

This meeting once again showed that the legends of tennis are ready to show the tennis of the highest level, but the younger generation, which is Medvedev, still a lot need to work on yourself and improve to compete for titles in tournaments of this category.

I think that after the departure of Novak your chance to win another masters now the FederR does not miss and it is unlikely that he will be able to prevent this.

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