Rates and the forecast for the match Zheng Saisai – Bibiana of Shops 10 Sep 2019

The first game week after the Open championship of the USA in the women’s tour is traditionally held under the sign of the starting tournaments on the Asian continent. The prestigious competition is played in Zhengzhou, and held for the first time with the category, Premier and a prize Fund of 1 million US dollars. The participants gathered quite an Executive, so the event should be very interesting and unpredictable in terms of outcome of the winner.

Tuesday will be the final meeting of the 1/16 finals. Let us examine the opposition of one of the local tennis players Zheng Saisai and Dutch Bibiana of Shops.

The contents

  • Zheng Saisai
  • Bibiana Of Shops
  • Personal meetings
  • The coefficients and forecast

Zheng Saisai

25-year-old Chinese woman spends a very smooth season. To start this tournament Zheng Saisai takes the 38th place in the world rankings, starting the year at the same place. Main achievements are connected with the profile surface where the Chinese were held 11 competitions at the statistics of victories and defeats 11-10. The main achievement – an unexpected title in San Jose, where Zheng Saisai was on the way to the finals of the American rose Collins, American Anisimov and Greek Zaccari.

And in all matches was considered the underdog by the bookmakers.

Then in the final match for the trophy beat dry powerful Belarusian Arina Sobolenko 6-3,7-6.

Plus – quarter-finals of Hua hin and Acapulco.

At the US Open, the Chinese were unsuccessful, devastating losing at the start of the legendary American Venus Williams 1-6, 0-6.

Bibiana Of Shops

31-year-old niderlandy major success in his career has achieved in the doubles competition, where in a Duo with compatriot Leslie Kerchove won two titles in Mumbai Auckland 2017 and 2018.

In singles, the Dutch didn’t rise in ranking above the 142-th line that speaks for itself. Now Shows is located at 158 position, bearing in 2019, the year the positive balance of victories and defeats 29-23. However, most tournaments held Bibiana-level ITF tournament.

On hard niderlandy played 19 matches in ten victoriah. Best result — 1/8 finals of Auckland, where it was a worthy defeat in three sets against Eugenie Bouchard.

Personal meetings

The history of this Chinese-Dutch confrontation originates in distant 2012, the year and consists of three matches. For the first time tennis players have met on grass in the semi-finals of qualifying at Wimbledon, where Bibiana of Shops got unexpected dry victory 6-3, 6-3.

Our next two matches took place at the end of last season with a difference in a week, and in both Zheng Saisai has proved its superiority dry. First, the Chinese were stronger in the 1/8 finals of the Mumbai 6-4, 6-2, and then won at the start of the home tournament in Shenzhen 7-5, 6-1.

The coefficients and forecast

Bookmakers are Zheng Saisai clear favorite of this meeting, putting on it the win ratio is 1.2, on Shops – 4.9.

Consider the quotations reflect the real alignment of forces in this pair today given the history of confrontation, the current ranking results on the hard courts in 2019, the year and the factor of the tournament home for Chinese women. Shops in the game plan very convenient rival for technical and Zheng Saisai, because they do not have a wide Arsenal of strikes.

I think this match will turn out much struggle and mistress will make sure qualify for the next round. Therefore I propose as bids to stop the choice on the option mercheforo total.