Rates and the forecast for the match Wozniacki – Andreescu, 31 Aug 2019

The whole season Caroline Wozniacki only once managed one tournament win in a row over two matches. It was back in April at a tournament in Charleston. On 31 August the Danish tennis player, a difficult opponent in the third round – Bianca Andreescu. Should I wait for the match win Caroline?

The contents

  • Caroline Wozniacki
  • Bianca Andreescu
  • The coefficients and forecast

Caroline Wozniacki

Throughout 2019 Caroline Wozniacki fails to give a stable and confident game. We see only occasional bursts and single matches.

In new York the previous two years, Wozniacki played poorly. Lost to Sharapova in the second round. Now managed to overcome the barrier of the second circle. But to call a great game Carolyn at the tournament we can’t.

Behind the two tennis players trehsetovom match against van Afeni and Collins. In one and the second meeting of the Dane lost the starting sets. Managed to turn the match in their favor. It is noticeable that tried to act very carefully on the Caroline court. For no apparent reason didn’t. Against Collins often just threw the ball, waiting for errors of the opponent. Such tactics has brought success. But now, opponents released a great level of play Andreescu.

Bianca Andreescu

After a great start of the season, Bianca Andreescu a long time did not play due to injury. The recovery period was delayed. The first attempt to return to the tour at Roland did not lead to anything good. Managed only one match to play Bianca.

At the second attempt the return was a triumph for canadian tennis players. Home premiere in Toronto player to win the title. At the moment 15-I racket of the world has in the season two titles of the prestigious Prime Ministers in Indian wells and Toronto.

Almost all of the victory in Toronto was hard for Bianca. Of matches won on four occasions, played transitivity. In the final, won the withdrawal of Serena Williams. However, in new York, noticeably more confident and look more convincing Andreescu.

Managed the representative of Canada with Wolyniec and September this year without the given sets. The match against Flipkens played almost without errors. Considering that tennis player is preaching aggressive, attacking tennis, that’s impressive.

Against Wozniacki this year played Andreescu. On the first season of hard-court tournament in Auckland Bianca won a landslide victory (6-4, 6-4). It will be hard to resist Carolyn and this time under the onslaught of constant attacks from Andreescu. To expect the same number of errors as it was in the game with Collins, however.

The coefficients and forecast

Naturally, in the line of bookies as a favourite is Andreescu. Canadian tennis player now all the parameters of the game surpasses Carolyn. Don’t expect Wozniacki will be able to contain the attacking power of the opponent. The proposed forecast for the victory of the favorite of the bookmakers.