Rates and the forecast for the match West ham — Manchester city, 10 Aug 2019

This week starts a new season of the English Premier League. It starts with the match between Liverpool FC and Norwich city FC on Friday and the first Saturday meeting will be held at “the London Stadium”, where they will play the “West ham United” and “Manchester city”.

The contents

  • West Ham
  • Manchester City
  • The coefficients and forecast

West Ham

Last season the London team finished in 10th place in the standings behind the 7-th position, which gave a start in qualifications of the Europa League, 5 points — quite a good result after a change of coach and some time to start.

In that year, “West ham” began the campaign with a crushing defeat of the “Liverpool” on departure with the score 4:0, so it is again in danger to start with if not defeat, then defeat is to play against the defending champion the last 2 seasons.

Manuel Pellegrini was at the helm of the team and take her to friendly matches this summer. United were the participants of the tournament in Asia which also involved “Wolverhampton”, “Newcastle” and “Manchester city”. Last they lost 4:1.

In the end, “hammerers” were last in the tournament, losing in the match for 3-e a place “the magpies” from Newcastle-upon-Tyne with a score of 1:0, but hardly friendlies — a guide for betting on straight or double chance. But for the total useful.

6 of their last 8 matches with participation of “iron” ended at least 3 goals, and scored and missed the capital team in 5 of the previous 7 games.

In addition, 9 out of 10 and the last face-to-face meetings, “West ham United” and “Manchester city” were at least 3 goals, but in these 10 matches, Manchester United won rivals from Manchester, in the 9 last games lost, and have not conceded in 18 matches.

Manchester City

Statistics clearly speaks in favor of the reigning Champions of England, especially that this season the Manchester team have already won the super Cup after a 1-1 draw in regulation time by beating Liverpool on penalties 4:5.

For Manchester city it was the 3rd consecutive victory and also a 3rd in a row in which he missed. Scored and missed defending the title team in 4 matches of last 5, including against the “West ham” in Asia.

In the offseason the team of PEP Guardiola has only increased the variability on positions, so it can repeat last year’s result on the “London Stadium”, when they crushed hosts with the score 0:4, and decide the outcome of the game in the first half in 6 of the 7 last games team the winning goal was scored before the break.

Among these games include the super Cup of England, in which “sky blue” once again scored first in the first half, conceded a goal and won.

The coefficients and forecast

Betting quotes talking about the advantage over the home side, but chances are the first not so much as in the same “Liverpool” on Friday:

11-13: the victory, “West ham United”;
6.5–7.0: draw;
1.2–1.3: the victory of Manchester city.

Guardiola’s team beat Manuel Pellegrini’s team 10 times and lost only twice. The trend is very unlikely to change this weekend, and in case of a victory “Liverpool”, guests will feel the pressure. Predicted landslide victory.