Rates and the forecast for the match Villarreal — real Madrid, 1 September 2019

Match of Villarreal and real Madrid will complete the third round of the championship of Spain and the team will go on a two-week break. The two teams met in the Examples 38 times and only four times “Villarreal” managed to win the “Royal” club.

However, in two last meetings of the teams in Villarreal, the hosts managed to score a “real” twice and scratched out a draw. So that the house “Villarreal” is not a gift. Can he not play “real”?

The contents

  • Villarreal
  • Real Madrid
  • The coefficients and forecast


“Villarreal” in the offseason, showed himself a prolific team. 7 control matches wards Kalihi scored 23 goals, an average of more than 3 goals per game.

This trend was preserved in the “Villarreal” and in the opening rounds of the championship.

In two rounds starting Villarreal scored 5 goals and on this indicator the leader in the championship for a couple of “Barcelona”.

But if the attack wards Kalihi everything is in order and Moreno has managed to stand out in the gate rivals twice, the defense of the team is awful in every way and missed 6 goals. And in a match with “Granada” and in the match with “Getafe”, “Villarreal” was in the lead, but failed to maintain his advantage.

In a match against “Granada”, “Villarreal” with the score 4:2 in their favor twice missed the most experienced Soldado who has to give free space in the penalty area. One goal he scored, and in the second case gave the ball to Puertas. In the match with “Getafe” wards Kalihi came forward through the efforts of Moreno and the same for a long time, “Villarreal” managed to contain the opposition.

But literally 5 minutes defense of Villarreal twice played on the penalty spot, who calmly converted a Roher. But the defense of Villarreal is headed by Raul Albiol, who in the last 10 years of his career played in Real Madrid and Napoli.

Real Madrid

Real Madrid started the season with a confident victory over the “Celta” with the score 3:1 for the first time in a long time ahead of Barcelona in the standings.

But to develop success in the second round of the wards Zidane failed. The team took the Valladolid and had a lot of chances, but the ball persistently did not fly in gate of visitors.

On 82-Oh to minute Benzema managed to push a ball in gate “Valladolid”, but one of rare attacks “Valladolid” ended in a goal and finally match ended in a draw 1:1. Now real Madrid is ahead of Barcelona on 3 points, as Barcelona without Messi is not able to cope with the “Osasuna”, playing with her draw.

Real Madrid before the start of the championship had some bad luck with injuries. Another collection got injured Marco Asensio. Also still not able to make his debut for real Madrid due to injury hazard, for whom the “Royal” the club had to pay a tidy sum. Also injured Brahim Diaz, Goes, James and ISCO.

Moreover, the latter two were injured in the match with “Valladolid”. The only good news for Zidane is the completion of the disqualification for Modric.

The coefficients and forecast

I advise you to put on TB 3. In the last 5 meetings, this rate was 4 times. And in those matches they scored at least 4 goals per game. Given that the defense of the “Villarreal” resembles a sieve, and the attack looks pretty decent, it is possible to expect from the teams performance.

Especially because Madrid need to make up for the draw against Valladolid and to catch up to the leaders and Examples. Goals in the match will be, no doubt about it.