Rates and the forecast for the match Tottenham — Aston Villa, 10 Aug 2019

In the last Saturday match of the first round of the English Premier League in London to meet Tottenham Hotspur and Aston Villa — 3rd team last season, participated in the final of the Champions League and winning the playoffs of the championship team, which first flew out of the Premier League 3 years ago and just got back.

The contents

  • Tottenham
  • Aston Villa
  • The coefficients and forecast


Last season proved to be for the London team very successful. She was the only team in the League who spent the entire campaign without transfers, and most home games at its home field since the new stadium opened in the fall, as originally expected, and in the spring.

Despite these circumstances, Tottenham Hotspur finished in 3rd place in the standings and are through to the final of the Champions League, where they lost to Liverpool 0:2. The season again ended without a trophy, but one “team” still won, when they beat real Madrid and Bayern Munich in the summer “Cup “Audi””.

In addition to the tournament in Germany, the “spur” participated in the International Champions Cup. Last year they won the trophy, but after defeating real Madrid 2:3 lost to “Manchester United” 1:2 and inter on penalties 3:4 after 1:1.

In the end, in 4 of 5 last games “purple-white” scored the first, but also in 4 of 5 and scored, and missed.

In addition, the “spurs” positive recent performances against “Aston Villa”: the capital team both times beat Birmingham’s opponent in his last season in the top flight and defeated them in the FA Cup in 2017, when Villa participated in the championship. Each of the 3 fights “Hotspur” won with a difference of 2 goals.

Aston Villa

Unlike the London teams, Birmingham has not participated in any international tournaments, and was just doing test matches.

Thanks to them, Aston Villa return to the Premier League 3 years later with a series of 6 consecutive victory games in each of which it scored first. In addition, in 5 of those previous meetings, including the final play-off for promotion against Derby County, were scored at least 3 goals.

However, unlike the spurs, the lions basically did not play against teams around their level. Only a meeting with the “RB Leipzig” can be called a really good preparation for the new campaign in the top division — and its Villa won 1:3.

Despite victory this summer, in the last 3 matches the team from Birmingham conceded one goal. To do without conceding a goal to “Tottenham Hotspur stadium the” it, most likely, did not succeed.

The coefficients and forecast

In quotations of bookmakers expected victory for the home team, high — draw:

1.3–1.4: victory “Tottenham Hotspur”;
5.5–6.0: draw;
9-11: victory, “Aston Villa”.

Factors that offices offer, and give a place on handicap, except that a 1.5, but powerful transfer campaign, “spurs” gives reason to think that the hosts will win more than one goal. After what happened with the “Norwich” on Friday, why not put goals on both sides?