Rates and the forecast for the match Spartak — Zenit, September 1, 2019

After the 8 th round of the championship of RPL, you can already do the first conclusions about the abilities of the teams, especially because after him the team will go on a two week break for international matches. Psychologically, it is important for them to go into this break on a higher place.

Moreover, before starting this tour is a unique situation, where just 5 teams reigned Supreme at the top of the standings. Two of these teams will play each other now. With each other through RPL “Spartak” and “Zenith” exactly 50 matches and the statistics of victories are completely equal. Each team won 18 times, 14 games between them ended in a draw.

The contents

  • Spartacus
  • Zenit
  • The coefficients and forecast


“Spartak”, started in the championship is not very successful, failing only later to establish his game. The turning point was the defeat of the “Tambov” with the account 0:2.

At the same time the team was joined Thiel, Larsson and Schurrle, who immediately joined actively in the game with his new team and he managed to score his first goals for Spartak in the championship.

Now without them it is difficult to imagine a mechanism of “Spartacus.” And perhaps the absence of Larsson, and till that had been claimed for their former clubs in qualifying for the LE was the reason of departure of the capital team to this prestigious European tournament. Wards Kononova lost on Thursday the Portuguese “Braga”. Now “Spartak” can focus on the League games.

But let’s remember what happened last time, when “Spartak” has taken off from Euro cups at the stage of qualification. It was in the 2016/17 season, when “Spartak” last time became the champion of Russia. So it can happen now, especially in the championship, Spartak is the only team that has three-match winning streak.

In last round “Spartak” weary first match with Braga played against Samara “wings of the Soviets” and won with the score 2:1, managing to score the decisive goal only in the 91st minute. Scored in that game Larsson and Thiel. Note also Gigot, who, as it is not paradoxical sounds, is the top scorer of Spartak with 3 goals scored.


If Spartak started the season poorly, but then managed to improve their performances, then “Zenith” it was all exactly the opposite.

The St. Petersburg group, and as the defending champion, started with 3 consecutive victories and with the first rounds topped the standings. But in the last two rounds “Zenith” have dramatically slowed down.

First, the Petrograd failed at home to cope with “Ahmad”, although most of the match spent in most. And in the last round “Zenith” has lost to “Ufa” on the road with the score 0:1.

Zenit has the best defense in the League, conceding only three goals in 7 matches. But with the attack at “Zenith” problems, despite the presence of Asana and Dziuba. In 2 last matches “Zenith” has not managed to score a goal.

It is noteworthy that the Semak for his coaching career has never been able to beat “Spartak”, but the main weapon of “Zenit”, the film cannot break through the defense of “Spartacus” for the last 4 matches in a row.

The coefficients and forecast

Offer to put on TB 2. This rate is not lost 8 times in the last 9 meetings of these teams. The bet in this match is very high and the winner of this confrontation on a couple of “Rostov” and perhaps “Krasnodar (if he were to win today, “Ural” will go on a two-week break as one of the leaders of the RPL.

Both teams have something to rehabilitate before their fans, so expect a struggle and a considerable number of goals.