Rates and the forecast for the match Scotland — Belgium, September 9, 2019

In group I the results of this round will almost be known by the names of the teams who will go to Euros. The situation in the group such that if Kazakhstan and Scotland not win a victory today against Russia and Belgium respectively, the Russians and the Belgians will be able to open the champagne and celebrate the exit at the continental championship.

Interestingly, Scotland and Belgium met each other 14 times and 10 times they have won the Belgians. “Scotty” has won only twice, and their last victory Dating back to 1987-th year. Extreme 5 face-to-face encounters between the two teams has defeated the national team of Belgium, and Scotland failed to score any single goal.

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  • The coefficients and forecast


Scotland only on paper is still considered a strong team able to fight for first place in the qualifications.


In fact, team in this century did not break either the world Cup or the European championship, so the failure of another absence from the national team for the next continental tournament is quite difficult to call.

That in fact, we saw in the Scotland game in the current qualifying? The team of Steve Clark modestly beat San Marino with the score 2:0 and at the last minute “pressurized” Cyprus twice and got 0:3 from Belgium and Kazakhstan.

In the last round, the Scots had taken Russia and even scored first failed to build on this success and eventually lost with a score 1:2. So Scotland needs for the first time in 18 years to beat Belgium to compete for the continental championship.

The main problem in Scotland is the lack of bright stars. It can be noted except that of Robertson, who in “Liverpool” is often thrown into fast breaks, which end in a goal. But in national team they don’t actually do anything, as in attack the team is not Salah or Firmino who anticipate in advance where the ball will go.

There is also Machimina from Manchester United, but he lost in the General gray mass of his team. However, the chance to get in Euros from Scotland is still there as the team won their group in the League of Nations.


The Belgian team won all 5 matches, scoring 15 goals and conceding only once from the national team of Russia.

In the last round, unlike Scotland, which were cut with Russia, the team Martinez played against San Marino, and the coach allowed the players to relax.

So, Mertens and De bruyne appeared on the field only during the second half, and Lukaku, and all the whole match sat on the bench. The decision of Martinez to hold leaders was true, as the brothers Atari injured, and San Marino can beat the third team.

Belgium defeated the islanders with a score of 4:0, but Martinez after the game hit the team with criticism, as in the first half, Belgium were playing too relaxed. Overall bronze medalist of the last world Cup for the last 3 years was defeated only twice from France and Switzerland.

The coefficients and forecast

I advise you to put on ИТБ2 (2). The Scottish defense resembles a sieve. 3 goals conceded from Kazakhstan and Belgium, 2 goals she scored Russia and even Cyprus managed to “sign” at its gate.

The Belgians in the last 7 matches in UEFA and the League of Nations was scored by their opponents at least twice and given that the leaders of the team rested in the match against San Marino, we can confidently expect from Belgium at least 2 goals. To the Scots it is unlikely for a couple of days managed to recover emotionally from a tough game with Russia, which is also good for our bet.