Rates and the forecast for the match Russia — Canada, 17 may 2018

In the quarterfinals of the ice hockey world championship in Denmark, the Russian team will play with team Canada. The match will take place on 17 may at 17:15 in Copenhagen at the “Royal Arena”. In recent years, meeting with Canadians on hockey venues, the Russians do not bring joy. How will this time?

The contents

  • Team Russia
  • Team Canada
  • Personal meetings
  • The coefficients and forecast

Team Russia

On the eve of the world Cup 2018 Ilya Vorobiev took the Russian national team and began to build a new team. There were two shameful stage of the Eurotour in which the team lost 5 matches out of 6. In principle, their significance is not so great, if only there was a result in a more important competition, to which, for example, is the world Cup.

Anxious expectation of the world Cup, which involved a considerable number of hockey players with their NHL clubs, parallel to the bore and experiences for our new team. The word “new” in principle it is possible to exclude from the proposal for the “old” team experience would be the same. They no easier have had against the top teams in their current formulations.

Team Vorobeva started the tournament well and even perfectly. Unrolled hockey dwarfs France (7:0), Austria (7:0), Belarus (6:0). After these, no doubt, excellent results started the hysteria, the wave which has pushed the national team of Russia in the final. And on the way it necessarily Russian hockey players had to deal with all the opponents with the score 7:0.

Well, apparently, a fantastic country Denmark, gave the world famous storyteller Hans Christina Andersen, formed a fog of expectations from the fans (and not only). The fairy tale ended when it encounters the first strong opponent. Two of David from the Czech Republic, Pastrnak and Krejci in the morning I flew to Copenhagen from Boston, and in the evening together beat the vaunted Russian team.

Our defenders were not ready to confront the players at this level. Each change of the first units of the Czechs carried a lot of problems to the defense of Russian national team. All 4 washers Chekhov this link and organized.

Fabulous fog and then vanished and ahead we saw the Swiss team. Well at least that the players “Nashville” novel Yosi and Kevin Fiala did not have time to fly in this match.

In the match against Switzerland in the League of the Russian team is to evaluate positively. This is especially true of the first period. Outplayed in this game stretch of opponents, and the Russians had to throw 2-3 goals, but the Swiss then the rod was rescued by the goalkeeper. But in a less spectacular second period, team Russia scored 3 goals. The truth and the Swiss scored one.

The third period showed all the “strength” of our defense. Very easy Swiss hockey players strained defense of the Russian team. Was in the area and every time they got the puck to the slot, which has sometimes led to panic and fuss on the part of the Russian team. In the end, the victory was achieved by the Russian team with the score 4:3, but this victory was not easy.

In the final match of the group stage played against the Swedes for the top spot. The Swedes were playing on the verge of foul and often crossed this border, which led to frequent removals. 7 deletions from the Swedes in that game than they helped the Russian team to open an account and seriously expect to win. Still, a powerful Swedish team reversed the game and won 3:1.

This time more questions to the game in attack. So much time to play in most, including a 5 on 3 and score only one goal. Although not the defense played far from ideal. Reliable was Vasily Koshechkin and if not him, then the victory of the Swedes would be more convincing.

In all games, the Russian team had some problems in the second period. Apparently, a distant bench makes itself felt. Even in the match against the French the second period was very poor. But the far bench is making life difficult for the defending team, its players more difficult to change.

Given the attacking aggression of the Canadians, waiting for the big difficulties for the Russian team in the second period when the teams are far benches.

Defenders of the world level in the Russian team just yet. Does not exist such counsel with a Russian passport. The strongest player line of defense Nikita Zaitsev. And he is more interesting in attack, where it can give a cool unexpected transfer. In the area of errors it is enough.

Nesterov, Gavrikov, Kiselevich demonstrate a certain average level. In each match all or some of them definitely commits a lot of errors.

Yakovlev, Beregazzo and Tryamkin is unlikely to reach the level of the team. Tryamkin looks awful. It is seen that very very nervous, this makes absolutely destructive actions on the ice, including unexplained removal.

In attack it is possible to note only the first three attacks: the Whims — Datsyuk — Gusev. But the vagaries of often the flirt, which leads to the loss of pucks and creates dangerous situations on the counterattack.

The second triple attack Grigorenko — Anisimov — Evgeny dadonov is good against lower class. Against top teams they just lost. Dadonov seems to be active, moments it has, but with its effectiveness of all this is not reflected on the scoreboard.

3-and 4 triples Buchnevich — Andronov — Mikheev and Reels — Heels — rascals play the role of checker. But this role was not accomplished neither against the Czechs or Sweden. Rascals against the Swedes still grabbed two removal (by the way, none of the Russian players in that match are not removed). Barabanova sometimes manage to beat an opponent one on one, which causes aggravation in the attack. While I remember the episodes when he’s in his zone began to engage in such things and this led to the dangerous moments at gate of the Russian team.

By and large, can only rely on one link. But as this link was abandoned yesterday the Swedes in equal structures? The answer is — zero goals. Also thanks to the Swedes the first link of the Russian national team finished the match with a negative index value plus/minus. According to the plan the coaching staff trio of Datsyuk had to spend their game time in the zone of the Swedes, creating danger. But often Datsyuk with partners their whole shift was off at the gate koshechkina.

I would not say that the Swedes live beat team Russia. “Tre kronor” its 7 deletions gave good chance to the opponent. Most of these deletions were the result of unreasonable actions of individual players for the Swedish team. It is not the Russian hockey players are so strained Swedes that had to foul. The Swedes played a more disciplined way would benefit much more confident.

Thus, Russian national team has one good link and it is not playing flawlessly. A lot of problems in defense.

Team Canada

The Canadians finished in third place in group “B”. From the Canadians on this superiority was expecting more than what they showed in the group stage.

They started the championship with really spectacular and beautiful game against team USA, which ended with the defeat of the Canadians 4:5 in the penalty shootout. Despite the defeat, the Canadians left a good impression, cool all did in attack.

Then the Canadians warmed up for the national teams of South Korea (10:0), Denmark (7:1), Norway (5:0). The way of the Danes in this tournament is very strong the team was. However, the fight for a place in the quarter-finals, they still lost to the Latvians.

For the above mentioned matches Canadians no questions asked. But then there was the match against Finland, which the Canadians lost 1:5. Finns just destroyed the rival of their majority. The Canadians were not similar to themselves. With their superiority in physical strength and in principle the ability to fight at the patch, they blithely acted on his snout, where the efforts of the Finns was very hot. Well, and deleted the “maple” the Finns very helpful.

And two more difficult matches were Canadians. A hard fought win over the team of Latvia 2:1 in overtime and 3:0 over Germany. Victory over the Germans on account of the quite confident, but the game didn’t feel the ease of this victory.

In General, Canada is not impressive. Although the reserve to improve games they have. Maybe they just didn’t attach much importance to the group stage and were preparing for the playoffs. The North Americans may well be this approach.

Unlike the Russian team, the Canadians all the three attacks can aggressively attack and throw washers. As such, link-checker, Canadians no. There are individual players who taken a team to play in the minority, but no more.

The main star of the canadian national team and the whole tournament (and maybe even the entire hockey world) is Connor McDavid. What he’s doing on the ice. With it can’t handle the top-end defenders in the NHL for the season and he scored 108 points of impact. How is he going to cope defenders of the level of CHL — a rhetorical question.

I think the Russian team of Connor McDavid is an unsolvable problem. In 7 matches in the group stage scored 13 points scoring (5 goals, 8 assists).

With him in the top three play his teammate Nugent-Hopkins and Brayden schenn (from “St. Louis”).

Separately want to mention another canadian forward, 20-year-old Matthew Barzal. He impressively debuted this season in the NHL and has been nominated for the title of best rookie of the season. 85 points of performance in the 82 match in his first season in the NHL — it’s cool. On a few who are able, of course, if we are not talking about McDavid.

Barzal very quick forward with excellent skating and ability to finish attacks. In this championship it is, however, not yet throwing the washers, but scored 7 assists. With Barsala the three plays his teammate Anthony Boville (another young talent) and Pajot.

Above it was a question about the second and fourth threes of the attack. It is also worth to say a few words about the top three forwards of Canadians. Bill Peters it was from Ryan O Reilly, Jayden Schwartz and Pierre-Luc Dubois. Who is the O’ Reilly all hockey fans know. This hockey player in the NHL for many years consistently demonstrates decent performance.

Pierre-Luc Dubois is another young talent (19 years old) for the Canadians. An impressive debut season for the “Columbus” he held. It is physically powerful hockey player and has an enviable creative potential. Hockey experts in the NHL it is compared with the forward of “Los Angeles kings” Angers kopitar with. He is very versatile hockey player who can play in centre attack and on the flank.

By the end of the group stage, the Canadians announced their another Kyle Turris from “Nashville”, thus Canadians strengthen the Central axis.

In General, the attacking Canadians by name is quite interesting and one McDavid it’s dangerous.

Protection less impressive looks. But in this line also there is one should be noted. Marc-Edouard Vlasic, who joined the team during the championship. Experienced high-level defender. Suffice it to say that Vlasic was included in the Olympic team Canada in the 2014 Olympics, when the team was formed of NHL players. When one of the opposition leaders need to “get under the skin”, the solution is obvious — Vlasic.

Aaron Ekblad is extremely talented hockey player. At the last World Cup, he was part of team North America composed of young talents of Canada and the United States. Is a key advocate of the “Florida Panthers”.

Colton Parayko. Another powerful defender with a weight greater than 100 kg and height 2 meters. And that its advantages are not limited to. Parayko very dangerous for the opponent when playing in most. He just has a killer power shot.

With the arrival of the Vlasic line of defense Canadians did become more balanced. Moreover, Edmundson here is pretty solidly looks.

Main, literally screaming, the problem is that the canadian team are goalkeepers.

Well, I can not understand this choice of the coaching staff of team Canada. There are lots of canadian goalies that are much stronger taken in the national team of Makeline and Quimper.

18 matches this season played Makeline, 29 — Kemper. Makeline never was the main goalkeeper of NHL club, he’s always been a deep backup. Kemper played a little more, a couple of years ago with Dubnica in Minnesota they are divided roughly in half the playing time. But this season at the Caravan in the Arizona percentage of the reflected shots 89% and more than 3 goals against on average per game. What is team Canada?

The entire “force” of these goalies we could see in the match against team Finland. First, Makeline preves two goals in the gate, then it was replaced by the camper and made another “supply”.

Personal meetings

The rivalry between Russia and Canada is an epic event. As this rivalry took place in recent years:

Olympics 2010 Russia — Canada — 3:7
World Cup 2010 Russia — Canada — 5:2
2011 world championship Russia — Canada 2:1
World Cup 2015 Russia — Canada — 1:6
KM-2016 Russia — Canada — 3:5
The 2017 world Championships Russia — Canada — 2:4

As you can see, team Canada in recent years more successful in personal meetings against the Russian team. Also catches the eye of high-scoring matches.

The coefficients and forecast

What we offer bookmakers for this match.

The Canadians are the favorites of this match and with that to argue. Even with their muffled game in some matches of the group stage, factors that speak in their favor much more. A deeper line of attack, all three attacks will put pressure on the gate. The team mediocre level line of defense that every game admits mistakes and errors. No really good defender.

In attack the team on something constructive is capable of only a trio of Datsyuk. While the Swedes a lot of shifts this Troika were forced to defend themselves. In the matches against more or less strong opponents, dramatically reduce the effectiveness of the implementation of the majority. But against the Canadians, I think, is the only chance to win. If the Canadians will play nedoponimanie and the Russian team with good efficiency will take advantage of their chances in the majority, still weak canadian goalies (some of them) make a gift, only in this case the Russian team can win.

Another question — what to do with McDavid, how to keep it. The presence of this hockey is another big plus for Canadians.

And the Swiss (playing North American style), and the Swedes were able to exert serious force on the Russian team, which was the Russian team of great complexity.

In the Russian team a lot of players that haven’t played at this level, have never played against a good level NHL players. Again, the second period may turn out disastrous for the Russian team. To cope with the far bench is not really impossible. Against the Canadians, who will play aggressively in attack, it may become a big problem, passing to the rank of critical.

Based on the above, I recommend you consider 4 bets on this match: victory for Canadians, their individual total more than 3 goals total over 5 goals and individual goals Barsala greater than 0.5 (by the way, Betsiti only 1.45, while in the Marathon 1.89).