Rates and the forecast for the match Poland — Austria, September 9, 2019

In parallel so as to play the national teams of Latvia and Northern Macedonia, will be the match of another pair of teams from group G of qualifying for the European Championship, which will take place next year, is each teams will play against Poland and Austria.

Both teams occupy places in the top 2 of their group, but the difference between them is 3 points, and in the previous internal meeting, which took place in the first round in March, a victory with the account 0:1 has won the Polish national team.

The contents

  • Poland
  • Austria
  • The coefficients and forecast


The Polish team is considered a favorite for victory in this match against the Austrian national team, but on reaching the finals of the European Championship. In the end, she’s the only one of all 6 members of the group G participated in last year’s world Cup, even flew out of there at the end of the group stage.

Before the start of the 6th round of UEFA Euro 2020 national team Poland takes the first place in the standings of the group with 12 points. Until last week she was invincible and conducted a series of 4 wins in a row in qualifying, but unexpectedly lost to Slovenia dry, with the score 2:0. Now her participation to the following CHE is not so obvious.

Due to the fact that the “white-red” may not be the top group in the League of Nations, they received a guaranteed place in the playoffs, but may get there if all goes according to plan: so far, all the members of the League A, except Iceland, are the Euro directly, but because of the “white eagles”, if not in the top 2, get into the playoffs.

Of course, to rely only on that Poland will not. Besides that, the first time she lost in the qualifying round, she missed for the first time in this qualifying tournament — not the fact that he lets himself again.

7 of their last 8 matches involving teams ended with 2 goals, and in all games selection, in addition to the previous, the team scored first.


The Austrian team is the favorite No. 2 on a direct exit in a final part of the Euro, but for her, too, all went well: from 3 teams from D League that are not in the top 2 in their group at the moment put an exit in the playoffs.

But Austria will certainly try to do without it and catch up with Poland on points. If he wins, scoring at least a couple of goals, if not ranked first in person meeting she lost only 0:1, so the scoring will be higher.

And all the Austrians were productive of poles: 5 previous matches scored 13 goals and conceded 6. But, in fairness, they scored 6 in the 5th round when they were Latvians, and not only missed turns.

However after 2 defeats in the early rounds of the Austrian national team won all 3 follow-up match after a crushing victory set to continue the series.

The coefficients and forecast

Despite their first defeat of the hosts and 3 away team wins in a row, the favorites in the match are considered first:

2.15–2.25: the victory of the national team of Poland.
3.3–3.6: draw;
3.3–3.5: winning team of Austria.

A draw would suit both teams, but Slovenia and Israel are now 8 points is too much to not try to score.