Rates and the forecast for the match new Jersey devils — Ottawa senators, 22 Dec 2018

What to expect from the young and perky “senators” in this match? If “new Jersey” recovered from the 2:7 from “Toronto”? Questions before this match enough, but this game is worth a look if only because of the young defender “Ottawa” Tom Chabot, with his appearance in the team, everyone quickly forgot about Eric Karlsson.

The contents

  • New Jersey Devils
  • The Ottawa Senators
  • Personal meetings
  • The coefficients and forecast

New Jersey Devils

“New Jersey” surprised everyone at the start of the season when it was won by 4 wins in a row. The hurricane team just played in the attack then, scoring 17 goals in 4 matches. But this island calendar happening again, at least for now.

In the future, “devils” was lost and ultimately sank to the bottom of the Eastern conference. In the last round the team was badly battered one of the leaders of the League, “Toronto maple Lifz” that has sent in gate “new Jersey” 7 goals.

After such a slap in the face to the players “new Jersey” will be super motivated and try to wash the shame. Especially as the match was homemade and the upcoming game will once again call the family stands. Okay, lost Toronto, the composition of their mega-cool, of course 2:7 overkill, but nonetheless a powerful opponent. But if you have to lose “Ottawa”, which is now a global rejuvenation of the composition, it will be a complete local failure.

In this connection it is to be expected from owners full charge to fight. Hall and Hiser played good football and in this match against “Toronto”. And in this case the opponent with obvious problems in defence and this can be used. But the problems of Ottawa described below.

The Ottawa Senators

In “Ottawa” has began a global restructuring. Key player of the team leader in all aspects of the game (except goalie, of course) Erik Karlsson moved to the “San Jose”. Even earlier were released defender Fane and forward Brassard. All of these players were team leaders, but Faneru, perhaps, this is true with the stretch. He still has his best years spent in “Ottawa”.

To replace these experienced players came to young guys, the first sniff gunpowder in the NHL. I must say, the young Senators ‘ impressive. Anyway, in attack they are great. Due to lack of experience, of course, many gaps in defence, but attack is good.

In 35 matches “Ottawa” scored 116 goals. Only 6 teams in the League scored more.

As part of an updated “Ottawa” all the experts say defender Tom Chabot. He had in 35 games 36 points scoring (10 goals, 26 assists). The canadian 21-year-old boy, of course, all compared to the Erik Karlsson. And I know the comparison is not in favor of the stellar Swede. Chabot debut in the strongest League in the world more impressive.

So in the last round in a match against “Nashville”, one of the leaders of the League, sealed the win in overtime.

19-year-old Brady Tkachuk — another star “senators”. 21-year-old skilled forward Colin white, which won a bunch of medals with the canadian youth of different ages. Young Slovak defender Christian Jaros also quickly mastered in the League and is very promising.

These guys set the game tone “senators”, and they help more experienced players of Dusan, stone.

Matches “Ottawa” are a lot of fun in terms of scoring chances. It was said above that they are one of the leaders of the old washers, but they are also very much miss. In 35 games goals conceded 135 goals. More goals against only “Chicago”.

Extremely unstable this young canadian team. Can beat “Pittsburgh” or “Nashville” and immediately play the club level below.

But what usually unites these results is the high efficiency.

Well, I would like to refer to personal encounters. They are very curious.

Personal meetings

“Ottawa” — “New Jersey” — 1:8
“Ottawa” — “new Jersey” — 4:5
“New Jersey” — “Ottawa” — 5:4 B
“New Jersey” — “Ottawa” — 5:3
“Ottawa” — “New Jersey” — 7:3

Last match took place this season, the previous in the past. It is obvious that high performance. And this season “Ottawa” has become more focused on high total in view of the above mentioned changes.

The coefficients and forecast

The bookmakers have put up quite the clear favorite, “new Jersey”. Their victory is estimated by the factor 1.9, – for a victory “Ottawa” can be supplied with a ratio above 3. in General, a bit strange such a relationship. “New Jersey” after a 2:7 from “Toronto” will, of course, be extremely motivated, but they are not flawless and that is putting it mildly.

“Ottawa” is so that can cause problems for any defense. The question is, how much they would miss. But with such odds it’s worth thinking about the bet on the guests. But, probably, the best option to bet is TB, which allude, and personal play style “Ottawa”.

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