Rates and the forecast for the match Neftekhimik – Sibir, 14 Feb 2019

The opponents are not so often met each other and have approximately equal statistics in wins in last 5 meetings, 3 wins on account of “Neftekhimik”, won “Siberia”. This confrontation will be one of the most important matches of the season for both teams, because it can be solved in the future, the battle for the coveted place in the play-offs.

The contents

  • Neftekhimik
  • Siberia
  • The coefficients and forecast


At the moment, “Neftekhimik” is in the 10th position in the Eastern conference with 50 points. On the calendar, the team was only 4 games: “Siberia”, “metallurg”, “Motorist” and SKA. While there is a chance, must be combated. This is the squad under the direction of Vyacheslav Butsaev, showing a good game in last matches. A home match against the “Motorist” is put in brackets, “Neftekhimik” was broken 0:3. After this defeat, managed to get together and beat Nizhny Novgorod “torpedo” with the score 3:1, and a victorious washer on the account of young striker Paul Poryadin.

The most important was the match against HC “Sochi”, but in equal fight, despite the great chances in front of goal, Nizhnekamsk has conceded with the minimum account 0:1. In the “Sochi” scored Damir Rahimullah. After this defeat, it seemed that all chances for the playoffs are gone, and in front was waiting for the next match against “torpedo”, this time on the road. Neftekhimik took the lead midway through the third period, but the citizens managed to equalize the score in 38 seconds to Serena. Overtime Nizhnekamsk started in the majority, and quickly implemented it – Marat Khairullin made the efforts of the team, scoring the winning goal.

After expected departure to Chelyabinsk, where in the internal opposition could slow down “the Tractor”, thus preserving the chances for yourself. In the end, and so it happened. Traktor opened the scoring in the 2nd minute of the match, double Khairullina and Pavel Zdunov washer provided “Neftekhimik” a victory with the account 3:1, which leaves a ghostly, though, but the chances of a possible playoff.


“Siberia”, gaining 53 points to the current time, is on the 9th place in the East. In stock stay of the match with “Neftekhimik”, “torpedo”, “Motorist” and “Avant-garde”. The calendar is not the easiest, but the gap from the coveted 8th place only 2 points, so you need to fight. Siberians are the last matches, trying to pick up points even where it is initially very difficult to do. Washer canadian Gilbert Brule in overtime was victorious in the confrontation with the “Barys” 2:1. During the game against Jokerit Finns three times took the lead, and Sibir three times back, the main time ended with the score 3:3, but they Lepisto 16 seconds into overtime still brought victory to the “jesters”.

A sensation made “Siberia” SKA beating.

Shane Prince scored in the fifth minute of the game, but then it did not seem that this washer will be the only one.

CSKA Petersburg attacked continuously, and in one third, the company struck a 21 shot on goal by Alexei Krasikov, but Krasikov was gorgeous that evening as the whole “Siberia”.

No less important was the victory over the “Kunlun” with the score 3:2, Shane Prince once again decided the outcome of the match, his goal in the middle of the third period proved to be the winning. Despite the fact that the Siberians opened the scoring in the match against “Barys”, the club from Astana responded with a flurry of attacks, and eventually Siberia could not resist, having conceded with the account 2:5.

The coefficients and forecast

The main option for betting is to win “Siberia” including overtime and shootout. The match will be crucial for both teams, because whoever wins, will continue to fight for the playoffs. Despite the defeat in the last game from the “Barys”, that “Siberia” here looks preferable. Recently the team played a perfect match against SKA, and to be successful they need to play in the same manner, avoiding gaps in the defense. It is also worth noting scored a good form Shane Prince, who scores points already in five games in a row. Also interesting, but more of a statistic is the fact that over the past six face-to-face confrontations, these teams alternated wins, and since the last time he won “Neftekhimik”, now came the turn to “Siberia”.

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