Rates and the forecast for the match Neftchi — Bnei Yehuda, 8 Aug 2019

One of the most intriguing matches in the Europa League is the confrontation between “Neftchi” and “Bnei Yehuda”. Between these two teams have never crossed paths, but “Neftchi” played in competition with another Israeli club Hapoel Kiryat Shmona and gave him a total score of 2:6 in 2012/13. “Bnei Yehuda” in 2009, the year played in the Europa League against Azerbaijani club “Simurg” and confidently won it with a total score of 4:0.

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  • Neftchi
  • Bnei Yehuda
  • The coefficients and forecast


“Neftchi” is an 8-fold champion of Azerbaijan. But the last championship the team won in season 2012/13. Last season “Neftchi” became the silver medalist of Azerbaijan, behind the “Karabakh” for 8 points.

Interestingly, only Neftchi and Qarabag at the end of the season was a positive difference of goals scored and goals conceded. In recent years, “Neftchi” has not pleased their fans a quality game in the Europa League, leaving the tournament that early. But this season “Neftchi” played really well.

The team started the tournament with the first qualifying round of the Europa League won 4 wins and not conceded any goals. The total score in these matches is 13:0 in favor of “Neftchi”.

And if the victory over the “Speranza” was quite predictable, in the confrontation with the Tula Arsenal Azerbaijanis were clearly the underdogs and the odds on them winning the match in Tula was more than 7.

Note the Brazilian Dario Junior, who scored already 3 goals in LE. Thus, the output of the third qualifying round was the best team of the season 2014/15 when Neftchi reached the playoffs for the right to play in the group stage of the Europa League where they lost to Serbian Partizan.

Bnei Yehuda

“Bnei Yehuda” is tel Aviv and for many is a “dark horse” of the League of Europe about which little is known. Great success of the team is not as in the domestic arena and international. “Bnei Yehuda” only once became the champion of the country in the distant 1989/90 and has four times won the Cup of the country.

That victory in last year’s Cup and allowed the team to qualify for the Europa League, whereas the League “Bnei Yehuda” ranked only 6th place. In European competition, the team from tel Aviv only once made it to the playoffs for the right to play in the group stage LES in the 2009th year, but conceded there more experienced PSV.

The season in Israel will start only at the end of August, but “Bnei Yehuda” have already played their first game in the new season against Maccabi tel Aviv in the Israeli super Cup. Maccabi in the match was stronger, winning 1:0.

Before the match with “Neftchi” coach Yossi Abecassis was in a difficult situation, as from 4 player team Azzouz, Vellum, Senate and LF injured, and Avital and Qadir questionable for the game.

The bench at the small Abecassis as “Bnei Yehuda” is not a top team, even by the standards of Israel. So on the eve of the match against Neftchi, the team rented the “Hapoel” from Beersheba Dora Elo and bought a defender Alban Pnishi. It is also expected that Abecassis will include several players from the youth team “Bnei Yehuda”.

The coefficients and forecast

Offer to supply at P1. Azerbaijanis joined the great season, winning all of their matches in the Europa League. No injuries of the team, unlike the Israelis, who will have to plug holes in the roster with youth. In such circumstances, the favourite of the match is more than obvious and Azerbaijanis at home should tip the scales in their favor and to win the “Bnei Yehuda”.

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