Rates and the forecast for the match metallurg Mg — Severstal, 4 September 2019

Play powerful by name metallurg Josef Andaja or modest, but fighting “Severstal” will select points at one of the East favorite?

The contents

  • Metallurg Mg
  • Severstal
  • Personal meetings
  • The coefficients and forecast

Metallurg Mg

The club in the offseason littered with money, perhaps like no other in the League. Returned from NHL defender Yegor Yakovlev, was signed by the leaders of the “Locomotive” Brandon Kosuna and Andrei Loktionov, the canadian defender of “AK Bars” Floor Postma, his compatriot, striker Sochi Eric O’dell, even managed to sign two strong Russian players Vladimir] and Denis Parshin from torpedo.

It reminds me of the game in football Manager, when a money wants to make more transfers. Just one more of these undoubtedly classy players, you need to make the team. And while the Czech coach of Magnitogorsk Joseph Andeca it’s not very good at it. Throughout the pre-season he was looking for a place Sergei Mozyakin. Realizing that he was already 38 and it is as a leader not to leave. In General, these searches have led to the fact that the team did not play combinations of links.

In the opening match against SKA that steelmakers lost 1:3, the players just do not understand where to run. Can Andatu and be able to form a team and put the game, but it’s hard to believe, though the example of last season.

Ambitions Metalurh large. The management has set the task to win the conference and reach the final of the Gagarin Cup. Is not even close to correlated play of the team with this task.


The Cherepovets club the last two seasons has to fight for survival. The leadership of the KHL, it was decided to reduce the size of the League. For each club the rating was formed to determine the least attractive clubs and “Severstal” was threatened with exclusion from the KHL. But getting into the playoffs in season 2017/18 strengthened the position of the club in this ranking. In addition, the excellent media work of the press service had a positive impact on the situation.

These difficulties have tempered the team. Because of Steelworkers mediocre, and we had to fight in every match. Last season has failed to get into the playoffs. In the new season can hardly Cherepovets team to count on getting into the top 8 of the East, even given the fact that “torpedo” was transferred to the Western conference. Still one of the weakest in the League. But the team of Andrey Razin will fight in every match and is unlikely to be whipping boys.

Financial opportunities are severely limited and therefore the strong transfers in the offseason was not. Signed Czech striker LIBOR Sulaka ofwhich was in the “Detroit Red wings” and played mostly in their farm club in the AHL. An interesting acquisition is a 19-year-old Slovak Adam Liska. Last season he played for Slovan, cool proved himself at the world juniors in the national team of Slovakia.

In General, the team leaders are young hockey players: Igor Geraskin and Daniil Vovchenko.

In the first round of “Severstal” visited one of the favorites in the East, Avtomobilist played more than adequately. Only in overtime hockey players “the Motorist” managed to get a victory after battling back from 0:2.

And in Yekaterinburg Severstal fought back the whole match, as it may seem, given the statuses of the clubs. The shots approximate equality 33-31, and players “the Motorist” shots were blocked more 16-9. Summing these figures, we can conclude that the team Razin did not inferior in activity to the opponent.

Personal meetings

2016 Severstal — metallurg Mg 3:2 (b)
2017 Metallurg Mg — Severstal — 6:4
2017 Severstal — Metallurg Mg — 0:1
2017 metallurg Mg — Severstal — 2:3 (ot)
2018 Metallurg Mg — Severstal — 2:1
2017 Severstal — metallurg Mg — 1:2 (ot)

Let’s see how resistant matches between these rivals. In 3 cases out of 6 in regulation time was a draw, the biggest win of Magnitogorsk with a difference of 2 goals, recorded only once.

The coefficients and forecast

If you look at the compositions, the superiority of Magnitogorsk enormous. Only here in the moment of the game the team does not have the understanding on the ice is completely absent.

“Severstal” with a modest composition, but the desire to fight was a nice match against a strong “Motorist”, losing only in overtime, thus taking one point from Yekaterinburg. Dense personal meetings they also say that metallurgists will not be easy.

In this regard, I think that bookies overestimate the capabilities of “metallurg”, exposing too much head start.