Rates and the forecast for the match Los Angeles clippers — Portland trail Blazers, March 19, 2018

19 March 2018 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles local L. A. clippers will play against the Portland trail Blazers.

The Los Angeles clippers, being on the 9th place in the Western conference, fighting for a place in the playoffs. Portland is now the hottest team in the League with 12 wins in a row. Will do if the clippers so now they need a win or this match transformirovalsya in 13-straight win for the trail Blazers?

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  • Los Angeles Clippers
  • Portland Trail Blazers
  • Personal meetings
  • The coefficients and forecast

Los Angeles Clippers

The Los Angeles clippers with the 14th through the 17th of March held 3 match away series:

14.03 Chicago Bulls — Los Angeles Clippers — 106:112
16.03 Houston Rockets — Los Angeles Clippers — 101:96
17.03 Oklahoma City Thunder — Los Angeles Clippers — 121:113

4 days 3 away games and away ended back-to-back. After that was a day of rest and a home game Potrland, which is now clearly on the move.

Very tough schedule, the toughest opponent.

A win is very necessary. Not included in the top 8 of the West the Los Angeles clippers, hiding at the 9th place.

The clippers are not the best defense demonstrates, allowing opponents to throw average of 108 points per game. This is only a 21-th result in the League.

The clippers will need to try very hard to get into the playoffs. After this match the team will travel again on departure. At this time, 4 match, where they will play against Minnesota (6th place in the West), Milwaukee (7-team East), Indiana (5th team of the East) and Toronto (1st team East). As you can see, the rivals in this series will be decent and the lag from the 8-th place, could easily increase.

Also hit the command Shuttle Blake Griffin in the Detroit pistons, who in recent years has been the leader of the team.

Complicating the state of Affairs in the clippers massive injuries. The list of injured now appear:

Danilo Gallinari is a player of the starting five of the clippers and his loss is very significant.

Patrick Beverley is the team leader in steals.

But we will not advance “to bury” the Los Angeles clippers. Let’s see how they are with this challenging situation to cope.

Portland Trail Blazers

For Portland, this game will be a back-to-back. Tonight (Moscow time) they played at home with the Detroit pistons, and literally destroyed the opponent 100:87.

Damian Lillard scored 24 points, made 8 assists and made 7 rebounds. By the way, Portland in rebounds is one of the leaders in the League. For this indicator, the trail Blazers, the third team in the League and in that component they clearly have the advantage. The clippers is the 12th team in the League in rebounds.

And the victory over Detroit was the 12th in a row for Portland. Let me remind you that the record is Portland’s 13-game win streak. 2 more wins to a new record.

The second day in a row, will play for the team. But I think that is a big problem with physics in comparison with the clippers. Portland last 5 matches played at home. No moving was not.

The Clippers schedule lately has been difficult.

Personal meetings

This season the teams met twice.

Portland — Los Angeles Clippers — 103:104

Los Angeles clippers won one match out of 3. In that match a key figure on the floor in the clippers was Griffin. He became the leader in points and assists.

And the victory the clippers have won 3 points throw, which simultaneously with the sound of the siren about the end of the match flew into the basket as Portland. Do you know who made this shot? That’s Right — Blake Griffin.

And Danilo Gallinari has been in the game for 38 minutes on the floor.

In today’s game the clippers will have to play without Griffin, who transferred to Detroit and without the injured Gallinari.

Los Angeles Clippers — Portland — 96:104

In this match Portland is very easily won. The gap was so great that in the fourth quarter of Portland simply stopped playing and lost a quarter with a difference of 11 points, that has not prevented to win the match with a difference of 8 points. Lillard dominated the match, scoring 28 points.

We can draw the following conclusions. Lillard against the Clippers, no weapons. Won in a personal meeting lucky in the match played Griffin and Gallinari that in the upcoming match will not play.

The coefficients and forecast

And that’s how the bookies see this match. For them, the favorite is Los Angeles clippers.

I do not agree with such quotes. On the side of the Clippers just a huge motivation to continue the struggle for the Western top 8.

On the other hand Portland also motivated to set a new record for wins in a row. Now it is 13 games. The current winning streak of 12 matches in Portland. In case of victory in this match, Portland will repeat the record-breaking series, and in the next round in the home match against Houston, you can update your record.

As shown by personal meetings the clippers completely unable to cope with Lillard. The clippers will play without injured starting player Gallinari. The Creator of the success of the Clippers in recent years and in particular in a personal meeting with Portland, Blake Griffin is already playing in the Detroit pistons. Considering the above mentioned factors, I believe the victory over Portland at 2.26 looks very good.

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