Rates and the forecast for the match Liverpool — Red bull Salzburg, October 2, 2019

In one of several matches of the 2nd round of the Champions League, which will be held between participants in groups E, F, G and H will play the reigning European champion and the leader of the group F and they are different teams: Liverpool FC and the Austrian “Red bull Salzburg”, in Europe called simply “Salzburg”.

The contents

  • Liverpool
  • Red Bull Salzburg
  • The coefficients and forecast


The English team is bad start title defense, again she lost to the Italian “Napoli” on the road, now with the score 2:0. The team of jürgen Klopp no matter act on the Apennine Peninsula, so that at Anfield, the European Champions should fix the problem with the shortage of points.

Despite the defeat in the first round of the Champions League, Liverpool will start the 2nd round after a series of 3 victories in a row, and each of the matches the team from Mersyside spent on the road, but in England: beat “Chelsea”, “Milton Keynes dons” and “Sheffield United”, each scored 1-2 goals, although lesions scored 3 in 3 games in a row.

However, in 6 of their last 8 matches, the “Reds” have scored faster than their rivals — and each time, their goal in the first half was decisive, that is formed the difference in the balls that the opponents have not covered.

According to the mathematical model predictions “five-network-eyt” in defense of the title to Liverpool mainly will interfere with “Bayern Munich” and “Manchester city”, which the team of jürgen Klopp took place in the 2 previous rounds of the tournament in the playoffs. Thus, the probability of victory of Liverpool in the final is 10% that of its main competitors — 19 and 29%, respectively.

But to qualify for the final, you first need to go to the playoffs. Judging by the odds at 74%, most likely, Liverpool will qualify, but do not know from what place: 39% it is given in the first row of the table, 35% — on the next.

Red Bull Salzburg

After Austria became part of the sports network Red bull, she’s not winning competitions, but last season he participated in the semi-finals of the Europa League. In the same season she is in the top ten of the main contenders to win the Champions League trophy, according to the forecasts of “538”.

Getting into the top ten for “Red bull Salzburg” means that the probability of his victory in the finals is 2%, while in the playoffs it will be with a chance of 56%.

Needless to say, due to a series of 11 games without defeat after a crushing victory over Genk with the score 6:2 the Austrian team should be given credit, but she gave her rivals to score in 5 last matches, even scoring them too.

This means that with high probability the bulls will miss “red”, although in 8 out of previous 10 matches they have opened the account so that the goal in the first half was decisive. In each of the 10 fights were at least 3 goals.

The coefficients and forecast

Judging by the quotes, the chances of the guests to win today no:

1.25–1.32: the victory of “Liverpool”;
6.00–6.53: draw;
8.07–11.5: win “Red bull Salzburg”.

Owners miss not as often as guests, but more or less cautious bets in favor of the first still can not find it. As a compromise, a small negative Asian handicap.