Rates and the forecast for the match Krasnodar — Rubin, August 10, 2019

Tonight Rubin will try to take away the curse in the games against “Krasnodar”. The fact is that Rubin never beat Krasnodar team in its field. 8 fights on the field, “Krasnodar” 7 times he won the masters and the only time citizens of Kazan managed to snatch a draw.

The contents

  • Krasnodar
  • Rubin
  • The coefficients and forecast


“Krasnodar” is coming to the 5 th round of the championship in 4th place. The team started poorly in the League, sensationally having conceded the “Ahmad” in the first round with the score 0:1.

However, in the first round of the last bronze to championship FC Krasnodar also suffered defeat from his current rival of “Rubin”, and then gradually began to increase the tempo. This season “Krasnodar” can quite repeat last year’s scenario. After the defeat of the “Akhmad” wards Musayev gave two striking match with the “Ufa” and “Sochi”.

In the last round “Krasnodar” went to visit “Zenith” and nearly drove away from St. Petersburg 3 points. Team Musayev was leading until the 93rd minutes goal Dziuba brought parity in the match of two favourites of the championship. A draw was a fair outcome of this confrontation, as the victory of “Krasnodar” was not enough.

The main event in the life of “Krasnodar” became the debut for the Champions League against Porto. The Portuguese managed to defeat the Russian team on the road by far not the brightest of his game.

Now in the second leg, which will take place on Tuesday, “Krasnodar” will offset the handicap of the Portuguese, the main question is whether the “Krasnodar” to play at a decent level for 3 games in a week. While this wards Musayev not out.

Unclear situation with Ignatiev. He joined the great season, scoring 2 goals in 4 matches, but the match against Porto he has not played. According to Musaev, his absence was due to the expansion, but the rumors say about his conflict with the club and the possible departure.

To lose Ignatieff after injuries Gazinskaya and Klasson for “Krasnodar”.


“Rubin” in the beginning of this season was a pleasant surprise. The team before the championship was led by young coach Sharonov, who replaced experienced Kurban Berdiyev might be expected of certain issues in the team.

But Sharon quickly found a rapport with his team and in the opening 3 rounds of the Kazan team scored 7 points out of the leaders of the RPL.

But in the last round “the ruby” has suffered its first defeat in the championship from CSKA with the account 0:1. In that match, Rubin looked toothless in attack. This is not surprising, because for a short time as a coach, Sharonov failed to eradicate the problem with the performance of “ruby” that has plagued the team for several seasons.

Can’t help “Rubin” in the match against “Krasnodar” Pavel Mogilevets, who was injured in the match with CSKA. Under question for the game Kvaratskhelia, who had a cold and still not fully recovered.

The coefficients and forecast

I advise you to put on F2 (+1). “Krasnodar” had two difficult match against “Porto” and “Zenit” that should affect the fatigue of the team. Ahead of another match with Porto, which for the “Krasnodar” is now a priority. Because expect Musayev surprises and a possible small rotation. In addition, the use of this rate statistics of personal meetings.

We selected the outcome has not lost once in 9 previous matches “Krasnodar” and “ruby”. Given quality protection, “Rubin”, they are unlikely to allow exhausted FC Krasnodar to win.