Rates and the forecast for the match France — Albania, 7 September 2019

In the next match of the 5th round of UEFA Euro 2020, which will be held this Saturday, participants will play a 6-team group H: teams of France and Albania. The difference between them now is 3 points, so despite the goal difference is +9 vs +2, the Balkan team can beat the world champion. Can you?

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  • France
  • Albania
  • The coefficients and forecast


The French team takes 2nd place in the standings of group H, earning in the previous 4 matches with 9 points. During this time the world Champions scored 12 goals, while conceded four times less in the end, the difference of their heads was +9.

This is the biggest difference among 6 of the closest Turkey with +6, then positive only in Albania with +2, but France still was on the 2nd row of the table not that she just lost to Turkey in an internal meeting with the account 2:0 in European international tournaments the results of clash of teams with equal points are valued more than the overall goal difference.

Therefore, if France win today, not the fact that will take the first place, because Turkey will be in parallel to receive guests from Andorra.

But the Turks are not the only competitors of the French. In group H there is another team of players who have earned 9 points: Icelanders. They were able to beat the Turks with a score of 2:1, but lost the French 4:0 and have a zero goal difference. However, with the loss of points by the world Champions Iceland to win and no defeat of Turkey this weekend will lead to the fact that France will fall out of the top 2.

It is dangerous for a team that last year won the world Cup as in the League of Nations she has won the group, and gold medals from Russia on TH not listed. But worry is not about anything, given that “blue” has opened the account in 5 of the last 6 meetings with his participation.


The Balkan team is considered one of underdogs group H, although Andorra it is still far away. After 4 rounds the Albanians occupy the 4th place in the table with 6 points — by this time they were alternately lost and won.

On average, matches with the participation of Albania in the group — least effective: 5 goals scored and 3 goals conceded 8 give the total or average 2 goals per game. And do 8 out of 10 last games ended with less than 3 balls.

In addition, all of the fights of the Albanians in this qualifier ended in a dry lesion, or a dry victory, although the minimum score was only in one game, with the Icelanders on the road. The French have a similar situation — except that the Moldovans were able to mark one goal in response to 4 in the first round.

Judging by the odds, this time the guests will lose dry.

The coefficients and forecast

According to the bookmaker quotes the odds of winning the Balkan team Champions of the world is not enough:

1.10–1.12: victory of the French team;
8.3–10.5: draw;
23-38: the victory of the national team of Albania.

At least 3 goals by the hosts are not evaluated even odds of 2.0, because only one qualifying match they scored 4 goals. Perhaps nothing better (in this case careful) handicap -2 does not come up.