Rates and the forecast for the match Finland — Italy, 8 September 2019

The match between two leaders of group J, which will show which of these teams will take the final first place. It is true that the Finns were able to get around Italy in the standings, they need to win with a gap of 3 goals, but this is unlikely to bother Kanerva and his players, because “Suomi” for the first time in its history, can pass the Euro and higher than third place in qualifying is never raised. Will they be able to survive at home against Italy?

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  • The coefficients and forecast


Team Finland in recent years shows a phenomenal football and the last calendar year became the best for entire history of the team.

The Finns managed to win their group in the League of Nations in which not even were favourites and all the regalia was given to the Greeks and the Hungarians. And defeated Finland, thanks to victories in 4 games in a row.

What has changed in the team? Kanerva did at first glance not a popular step, removing from team Eremenko, who served his lengthy suspension. After that, we began to unfold the talents like Pukki, who had previously been in the shadow of Eremenko.

Speaking of Pookie. He scored in last 3 matches current skills, once having issued a double, and is a sensation in the Premier League that like a year ago in the championship.

The current qualification wards Kanerva began with the defeat of Italy, but then the team managed to pull myself together and get 4 wins in a row, not conceding a single goal. However, his performance of the Finns is also not indulged scored in these 4 matches only 7 goals.


Italy is on pair with Spain and Belgium have won 5 games in the qualifier and is possible to say that the team Mancini has almost secured their ticket to the Euro, since the distance to 8 points from the third place, the Italians are unlikely to squander for the remaining tours.

By the way, Mancini became the first coach of the Italian team, who won the starting 5 wins in qualifying for Euro.

Merit Mancini that he did not adhere to the traditional Italian defensive tactics, and instilled in his team’s attacking style. And at the moment Italy is one of the best attacks in the qualification. The team scored 16 goals in 5 matches and outdid the performance of the same Spain, which has always been famous for their attack.

It is interesting that in Italy there are 13 year unbeaten run in qualifying games for the Euro. It has been 35 matches and is unlikely to be interrupted in the match against Finland.

The coefficients and forecast

Offer to put on TB 2. This rate has not lost none of their 5 matches of the Italian national team in this qualification. The only match where she went to return was just the match with Finland. But now the Finns at home and even with raging in all directions Pukki are a dangerous mix, because it is worth the wait from the leaders of this group scoring match. Goals in this game will be a lot.