Rates and the forecast for the match Eintracht Frankfurt — Arsenal, 19 Sep 2019

The Central match of the first round of the group stage of the Europa League we can call a meeting of the Frankfurt “Eintracht” and London “Arsenal” — one of the best teams in Germany and England, respectively, which last season participated in the semi-final LE, but in the final there was only a member of the Premier League.

The contents

  • Eintracht Frankfurt
  • Arsenal
  • The coefficients and forecast

Eintracht Frankfurt

The German team started the season in July, since the end of last season lost his place in the top 6 in the Bundesliga and was in qualifying. In the qualifying tournament, the representatives of Frankfurt / main has started to make the 2nd round and, accordingly, knocked out of European competitions 3 opponents.

After the Estonian “Flora” and Liechtenstein “Vaduz” team from the Bundesliga was faced with the most difficult opponent of the French “Strasbourg”, which even won in the first match 1:0, but lost on the “Eintracht” with the devastating account 3:0. This victory wards of ADI Hutter began a series of 3 wins in a row, but last weekend it broke in the same way as a defeat against Strasbourg.

After the defeat in the 2nd round of the German Championship the eagles had 3 straight home games, all of which have won and scored at least 2 goals, but in the last 3 matches they have missed. Moreover, the semi-finalists of the Europa League lost in the Bundesliga in the 2nd time and was in 9th place in the standings.

Each of the 5 last matches involving Eintracht ended not less than with 3 goals and didn’t score and missed it only one of them — when the beat “Strasbourg” in Frankfurt. Since the beginning of the season only 2 of the 13 matches the team has not scored for the home team — and then the German team were in the hotel.


The start of the new season for the London team turned out to be not the best, but she at least lost only once: leading in the Premier League and last won the Champions League to Liverpool, though now and is in the 8th position.

As “Eintracht Frankfurt”, “Arsenal” in the domestic championship scoring as many goals as missed, and won only twice, although played one more match. However, neither in the Cup nor in the European Cup qualification to the London team not to be had, so 5 Premier League matches — that’s all he had.

Despite the fact that the gunners have scored in each of the 5 matches of the new season, they not only passed the first one, against the “Newcastle United”. After defeating him over “Burnley” team from North London failed to win any of the subsequent 3 oppositions, although in 8 of their last 10 matches, opened the scoring.

In addition, 9 of the previous 10 meetings, Arsenal ended with less than 3 goals in 8 of their last 9-and the team scored and missed.

The coefficients and forecast

Have guests a very small advantage over the hosts at the odds:

2.5–2.9: the victory of “Eintracht Frankfurt”;
3.6–3.8: draw;
2.3–2.7: the victory of “Arsenal”.

The London team frequently fails away matches, and this season 3 matches at away won only the one against Newcastle. Therefore, the rate is.