Rates and the forecast for the match Dinamo Zagreb — red star, August 6, 2019

In one of the first matches of the 3rd qualifying round of Champions League will meet the Croatian “Dynamo Zagreb” and the Hungarian “Ferencvaros”. For both teams this is not the first stage of the qualifying tournament of the new season, but guests had to go one round more than the owners. Not to go after that in the Europa League?

The losing team will crash out of the Champions League into the Europa League and will participate in the match of the playoffs there, the opponent will be Maccabi, an Israeli from tel Aviv and Lithuanian “Suduva”. The winner of the pair will compete for a place in the group stage of the Champions League with Slovenian “Maribor” or Norwegian Rosenborg.

The contents

  • Dinamo Zagreb
  • Ferencvaros
  • The coefficients and forecast

Dinamo Zagreb

The Croatian team came in the 2nd round of qualifying thanks to a championship in the First League. Since football season in the Balkan country has already started, the owners are forced to combine performance in the Champions League and national championship.

A new campaign “Dinamo Zagreb” started with a victory in the super Cup match Croatia against Rijeka ended with score 1:0, and in subsequent games this season-only extended their winning streak to Tuesday, when the match will be held with the “Ferencvaros”, it includes 6 meetings.

For all the 6 matches of the campaign 2019-20 representatives of the Croatian capital have only conceded one goal and scored a total of 15. In each of the last 3 games blue was noted by 3 goals, but conceded Friday for the first time, taking home “Goritsa” (victory 3:1).

But Dynamo not only wins 6 games in a row, each of which has opened an account — it also hasn’t lost for the past 9 meetings. So the fact that he is considered the favorite to win and passage into the playoffs, should not be surprising.


The Hungarian team last season also ranked first in the domestic arena, however, the rating of the championship of Hungary did not allow her to start in qualifying for the Champions League from the 2nd round, so the “green eagles” began with the first.

It “Ferencvaros” deal with Bulgarian Ludogorets, beating it first with the score 2:1 and then 2:3, but struggling to defend their goal, continued to appear in the next round, where the team were met by the Maltese ‘Valletta’.

With the islanders, the representatives of Budapest has done it, winning in front of their fans 3:1, but again missed, and the guests played a draw 1:1. Thus, the “Fradi” missed in each of the 4 matches of the new season.

However “Ferencvaros” has not lost any of their previous 8 matches, only one of them failing to open the scoring, and scored in 4 of last 5 matches, has not prevented him from winning 4 of 5 matches.

The coefficients and forecast

Doesn’t seem to have the Budapest team has a chance to win in Zagreb:

1.4–1.5: the victory of “Dinamo Zagreb”;
4.0–4.4: draw;
6.5–8.0: the victory of the “Ferencvaros”.

On the passage from Croatian team the same chance as to win on Tuesday:

1.4–1.5: pass “Dynamo”;
2.7–2.8: passage of the “Ferencvaros”

The projections for the first couple of matches of the 3rd round of the UEFA Champions League came bet on goals from both teams. It is the same case for 3 years.

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