Rates and the forecast for the match Dinamo Riga — Spartak, September 2, 2019

From the team of Oleg Znarka waiting for the breakthrough this season. But is it all good in the “red-white” realm, and whether “Spartak” shock start in the new season of the KHL?

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  • Dinamo Riga
  • Spartak Moscow
  • The coefficients and forecast

Dinamo Riga

Dinamo Riga before the start of last season was seen as strong candidates for the playoffs, the reason was a good transfer work in the offseason. In the end, Riga for a place in the playoffs led the fight for the last round, but finished only on 9th place, behind by 1 point from the top 8, behind “hero” and “Spartak”. Team good start but had two failed long-cut, which are not allowed to stay in the top eight.

In the new season, the residents of the newly considered as a contender for a place in the playoffs and many experts believe that Riga will be there. But this would be harder than last season. The fact is that Slovan ended his speech in the CHL, and instead moved to the West of Nizhny Novgorod “torpedo”, and this team stronger, “Slovan” and also has ambitions of getting into the top 8.

Preseason game left a good impression, the team managed to win the Cup of the Latvian Railways.

In the offseason, left Linus, Widell, Matthew Mayon, Kevin Clark, Mattias Muttonen. Widell and Mayon were the team leaders for the performance, Clarke and Muttonen entered the top 10.

The loss of the tangible, but purchase it is they can compensate. American defender Ben Marshall from Slovak club “Banska Bystrica” is intended to replace the Mayon and fulfill his role a skilled passer, defender, skillfully participating in the attack. Last season he played in Slovakia, and before that played in the AHL. In the preseason he copes with its task.

The Swede Kristofer Berglund further strengthening lines of protection with a hint of filling in the skills of the Mayon. Berglund came from the Swedish club “XB-71”. He has excellent skating, has good hockey intelligence and is able to give good passes.

Attack signed 3 legionary: canadian Carter Ashton and Swedes Jakob Berglund, David Ullstrom. Ashton is familiar to fans watching the NHL. He played for “torpedo”, “Lada” and “Severstal”. By the way, this canadian has the experience of playing in the NHL. 4 season he spent in Toronto. However, plied constantly between the NHL and the AHL. Ashton technically strong hockey player and is able to add creativity to the attack.

Jakob Berglund creativity is unlikely to increase, but it will be useful in the fight, because it is a physically powerful player. Ullstrom arrived in Riga to North America, where he spent the season in the AHL. This player familiar with the League, because at the time played for “lion”, “Siberia” “Severstal”, the “Dinamo” Minsk. It is also quite powerful hockey player, but he also has good skating and technically also good.

Thus, Riga was able to completely compensate for the loss and the team did not become weaker. If you can avoid the failure of the series as it was last season, the participation in the playoffs is realistic.

Spartak Moscow

News, hopes and aspirations in the plane of “Spartacus” are inextricably linked with the personality of Oleg Znarka, which this season will be to steer the team.

Many experts from “Spartacus” waiting for the breakthrough. Last season Spartak became the seventh in the West, in the playoffs lost to SKA in series 2-4.

This season I expect more from the team. But let’s face it, except for snarky, there are still the cards that are objectively unable to implement these positive expectations and assumptions.

Of loss it should be noted the departure of striker Maxwell, defenders Kalinin and Dyblenko. The rest of the core of the team remained. Of course, and was signed to strengthen the players: defender Patrick Hursley, forward Denis Kokarev.

In General, with regard to the composition, the team has not changed significantly. The names of the as part of quite a good level. But there is one aspect that may prevent the Spartacists perform in the way expected of them is age. In a snarky one of the oldest teams in the League, only the “Vityaz” the average age is higher.

In this regard, looks quite strange transfer policy of the club. The strengthening was signed by the players who are over 30. All team leaders age: Hursley -33, Daugavins 31, Hanzl — 30, karsums — 33, the Teeth 32, Kuteykin — 34. I think the team is elementary physics is not enough for the whole season and there will be downs for this reason.

The pre-season seriously is not worth it, but spent it Spartacus inaudible. Znarok main reason for this called the poor performance of the players coaching job.

On his first trip Spartacists went without a goalie Julius Hudacek.

The coefficients and forecast

The bookies favorite for this match I see guests. Apparently, the name of Oleg Znarka charmed. The team had a solid, but weaker Riga is the big question. Don’t forget that the Dynamo start the season at home, where the crowd is enormous. Wards Ankipans last season just a little not enough to get into the playoffs. This season the team did not become weaker and with new forces will try to take this line. As domestic underdogs Riga looks very attractive.