Rates and the forecast for the match Dinamo Minsk — Neftekhimik, September 2, 2019

Minsk “Dynamo” with a new rebuild team, led by Craig Woodcroft will try to remember the good times when I was able to Minsk to lead in the playoffs. But whether the next change is going to benefit?

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  • Dinamo Minsk
  • Neftekhimik
  • The coefficients and forecast

Dinamo Minsk

Another setback to Dynamo last season. The change in the club failed again. The last place in the Western conference is quite logical, given the level of hockey played by the team.

Before the new season in Minsk again began to reform.

And Yes, I’m back Craig Woodcroft, under whose leadership the last time the Dynamo was in the playoffs. Perhaps the secret essence of the reforms is precisely that.

If we consider objectively the prospects of the team, it is very doubtful they look as for getting into the top eight in the conference. Most likely the next changes and restructuring would lead to that experiment fails.

Anyway, won’t write off so quickly the club. Let’s deal with the transfers. More than 20 players were signed in the offseason. From this huge select list should be the return of goalie Jonas Enroth and defender Marc-Andre Gragnani. Canadians Couple Francis and Stephen Elliott, as well as American drew shore, of course, can be considered as potential new leaders. A few days more and Teemu Pulkkinen returned to Minsk that very topic. The fact that Francis Couple adopted Belarusian citizenship and thereby free up space for another foreign player.

In the offseason the team has lost several leaders of defence. Jonathan bloom, Christian Henkel and Evgeny Lisovets decided to continue career in other clubs. Line of defense and last season was problematic, and in current situation it has become even weaker. Unless, of course, Enroth will not be able to effectively clean up over the flaws of defensive play.


Nizhnekamsk club 10-m finished the regular season last season. Finnish triple attack alone could not put the brunt of the team in the playoffs. And in the second half of the season and all they are tired of this loneliness, and began to explicitly pass it.

Do things at the club are not in the best way. In command of the special interest there. Home support of the fans not to call a Grand, and the owner of the club seems particularly this team is not needed, and therefore the funding cut.

In such circumstances, of course, not be expected to strengthen the squad.

The Finnish trio Nattinen, Puustinen and Ruohomaa left the team.

Nattinen will continue his career in “the hero”, and Puustinen and Ruohomaa will try to return the “Siberia” in the playoffs. By the way, they were the leaders in scoring. 4th performance was the Czech defender Adam Polasek and he too left the club. Even Nestrasil and Emil Galimov, which performance was 6-m and 8-m, left the team. Starting goalie Ilya Ezhov also changed “the Petrochemist” with “Vityaz”.

How tried to compensate for these losses? Signed Canadians Ryan Murphy, Zach Mitchell and American Matt white. Canadians played in the AHL, white in Germany. Murphy pretty interesting hockey, the rest can hardly be considered a worthy replacement for the players who have left the team.

At the goalkeeper position was signed Konstantin Barulin and Alexander Starichenko. Frankly, not the most reliable goalkeepers.

In General, the “Neftekhimik” became weaker and they are unlikely to join in the fight for the playoffs. Do not be surprised, if at all, finish at the bottom of the conference.

The coefficients and forecast

Both players performed poorly in recent years and have not yet seen any fundamental changes that would allow this trend to change. Compared to last season, the weaker Minsk did not, and here “the Petrochemist” has clearly weakened. In the capital of Belarus at least pretend that the club is required, and may really need. But “the Petrochemist” apparently does not need anyone.

Guests large changes in the composition, all the leaders have gone, and whether newcomers become the new leaders is the big question. Concern is the goalkeeping position.

Minsk still have Enroth in goal, and the Legionnaires are stronger than the opponent. I think the owners have a greater chance to start the season with a win.