Rates and the forecast for the match CSKA — Sochi, August 11, 2019

In this confrontation will meet one of favourites of the championship of CSKA and outsider RPL “Sochi”. But it is obvious in this match the winner as it seems at first glance, because “Sochi” we need to get out of the basement of the standings, and the match with another of the capital’s team “Spartak” the residents were close to a draw.

In addition, the “Sochi” have a role model from their own history. In 2002, the year when the team was called Dynamo and represented Saint Petersburg she met CSKA in the 1/16 finals of the Russian Cup. Despite the fact that CSKA was considered the clear favorite of the confrontation, the team lost “Dynamo” with the account 2:3, conceding the decisive goal in extra time.

The contents

  • CSKA
  • Sochi
  • The coefficients and forecast


CSKA with each round looks better and better. If in the first round of the “army team” rightly lost “Wings of the Soviets”, then the team was given a three-match winning streak which won the alternately “Orenburg”, “locomotive” and “ruby”.

Now CSKA can become the first team that can win 4 wins in a row. However, none of the three victories of CSKA was not sure they were all 1 goal.

On the other hand, the charges Goncharenko again reminded the defense that was the team one of the best last season and missed two games against Lokomotiv and Rubin.

In the match with “ruby” his first goal and second in the championship scored the best scorer of the last championship Fedor Chalov. But after the leadership of CSKA refused to let him go to the “crystal Palace” for 23 million pounds, his attitude to the game with “Sochi” is pretty hard to predict.

And that can be a problem for CSKA. In the infirmary of the capital team are also Schennikov and Dzagoev.


“Sochi” while failing debut in the RPL. The team is among the outsiders of the championship and has scored only 1 point, which the residents produced only in the last round in the match with “Ufa”, playing with Ufa in a draw 0:0.

The match became the only where “Sochi” is not missed. It is noteworthy that in that match, first played for the team tochilina goalkeeper Soslan Dzhanaev. Most likely, after the game at “zero” in the match with “Ufa” it will become the main goalkeeper of the team. If the defense of the case at Sochi somehow improved, then attack the problem is obvious.

After 4 rounds in the graph goals “Sochi” is still emblazoned “bagel”, and Sochi residents are the only team in the League that hasn’t scored. The reason for this is quite simple. Sochi, despite the start of the season, to complete its composition.

This week, the Sochi club has increased two Zenit players Christian Noboa and Anton Zabolotnyi. However, the city will not be able to make his debut in the match with CSKA, as yet have not actually joined his new team.

It is interesting that “Zenith” has sent to Sochi for 7 players. They should help the team to maintain residence in the RPL.

The coefficients and forecast

The favorite in this match is, of course, CSKA, which looks with every match better and better. Therefore I advise to bet on F1 (-1). Sochi continues to suffer from not teamwork its players.

The team hasn’t scored and is unlikely to penetrate the CSKA defense, and even on the opponent’s field. Most likely, the class and experience of the “soldiers” will play an important role in this confrontation. The home team will win the fourth victory in a row and will take off after Zenit.