Rates and the forecast for the match CSKA — AK bars, 3 September 2019

In this match will meet teams which are among the favorites of the West and East respectively. Will the champion be rehabilitated before their fans for the home defeat in the Cup opening of the “Avant-garde” 1:3?

The contents

  • CSKA
  • AK Bars
  • Personal meetings
  • The coefficients and forecast


The Moscow CSKA in season 2019/20 seem clear favorites. If we analyze the changes that occurred in the clubs and the current state of Affairs, CSKA looks very solid and has a considerable nominal superiority over all rivals.

Still, the League structure has not changed, but only intensified returned from NHL defender Bogdan Kiselevich, and switched from “AK Bars” forward Jiri Seichem, which is one of the best players in the NHL.

Well balanced team with a great depth of the composition in which it is possible to rotate, the strongest team goalkeepers in the League. True, that’s Lars Johansson in the opening match was a huge mistake, missed the puck after a shot by Maxim Chudinov for the center of the site.

CSKA lost, and Avangard showed that the clear favourites for the League it’s possible to beat.

I wonder how the team will react to this defeat, but while it is clear that the team Igor Nikitin is clearly not in optimal condition. First of all, the physical condition of the players left the game against “Avangard”. Usually, the army raised such speed, providing a constant pressure and the opponent that the opponent could not stand and broke. But in this case it was not strong enough. Perhaps still not out from under loads. The upcoming match should answer this question.

AK Bars

“AK bars” had a surprisingly weak season for yourself. Only 5th place in the East and the elimination in the first round of the playoffs. Zinetula Bilyaletdinov resigned as head coach. This season the leopards will steer Dmitry Kvartalnov.

Tangible changes have occurred in the club.


defenders Paul Postma, Rafael Batyrshin;
forwards Jiri Cleaver (best scorer), Anton lander (4th performance), Alexander Suites, Alexey Potapov.


goalkeepers Adam Redeborn of Swedish Djurgardens, Timur Bilyalov from Dinamo Riga;
defenders Igor Ozhiganov of the “Toronto maple Leaves”, Michael Vikstrand of “Farjestad”, Christian Henkel from the “Dinamo” Minsk;
forwards Patrice Cormier, Matt Frattin both of the “Barys”, Kirill Petrov from “Avant-garde”.

It can be stated that the attack was weaker, but the defense should be strengthened. Bilyalov just dragged Riga “Dinamo” last season, Redeborn also a good goalkeeper. But the loss of a Cleaver and the lander is unlikely to compensate, at least Cormier and Frattin and burned in “Barys” in the last season. While it is difficult to imagine what will to imagine an updated “AK bars”.

Personal meetings

CSKA — “AK the leopard” — 3:0
“AK the leopard” — CSKA — 6:4
“AK the leopard” — CSKA — 2:1
“AK the leopard” — CSKA — 2:1
CSKA — “AK the leopard” — 3:2 (ot)
CSKA — “AK the leopard” — 1:3
CSKA — “AK the leopard” — 1:0
“AK the leopard” — CSKA — 0:5
CSKA — “AK bars” — 4:2
CSKA — “AK the leopard” — 5:4
“AK the leopard” — CSKA — 2:3

Over the past two seasons the teams have met 11 times: 7 wins CSKA, 4 “AK bars”.

The coefficients and forecast

In personal meetings, there is a persistent rivalry. The game of CSKA in the match against “Avant-garde” still leaves questions, although in composition they are the main favourites in the League. “AK Bars” a significant change in composition and change of the trainer. So, too, until too many questions. Thus, the outcome predictive climb difficult. The best option for the rates consider the total. The leopards will host neat, and the transfers they have made toward strengthening the defense. The army does not yet look capable of tearing up any defense, and after the defeat and themselves will need to play more strictly in defense.