Rates and the forecast for the match Chelsea — Sheffield United, 31 Aug 2019

In one of the evening matches this Saturday, which will be held in the framework of the 4th round of the English Premier League, meet Chelsea and “Sheffield United”.

The last time the teams played against each other over 12 years ago, when the guests took a little pit stop in the Premier League and lost both games of the capital team with the score 0:2 at home and 3:0 away. Let’s see how it will work this time.

The contents

  • Chelsea
  • Sheffield United
  • The coefficients and forecast


Before the start of the 4th round of the London team is in 13th place in the standings, which turned out to be because of the defeat, draw and victory in the opening games.

After exit defeat from “Manchester United” with the score 4:0 Chelsea drew 1:1 with “Leicester city” finally won the first victory in the season — made 2:3 in the “Norwich city”, between the 2nd and 3rd rounds having to play against Liverpool in the match for the UEFA super Cup. Rich start to the season and 4 points is normal.

In any case “blue” — one of the main applicants for an exit in the Champions League, judging by the forecasts of the analytical website “five-network-eyt” (FiveThirtyEight). Its predictive system has determined that the team with the “Stamford Bridge” there is a probability of 44% to reach the Champions League, but only 2% for thatto become a champion.

Taking into account the fact that the team is Frank Lampard conceded in each of their last 9 matches and last week won the first victory in this season, it is necessary to doubt about her chances to earn 3 points this weekend, let the “538” and predicts a 75% chance to win.

One of the variants of bets that arises in the mind after a review of the Affairs of Chelsea, is over the standard, because in 7 out of previous 8 matches involving teams from the capital of England haven’t scored less than 3 goals.

Sheffield United

The team from Sheffield flew to the Premier League in the 2006-07 season and according to his results flew in the championship back, unable to prevent Chelsea to earn all the points and thus giving him the opportunity to score.

We reported it because the last time, “Sheffield United” never missed a visit to “Chelsea” in October 1922, the year that is almost 97 years ago. In each of the 30-and subsequent face-to-face meetings in London, the team from Sheffield was missing.

Despite the missed goals, “blades” managed to beat “retired” at their stadium, though the last time happened long ago, in 1992-m to year.

Given the fact that in 6 of the previous 8 matches (in General and not against “blue”) they opened the account, there is an opportunity there not to win then to stay above the opponents in the standings, despite a 37% probability for “538” to return to championship.

Besides, Chelsea have scored and conceded in 7 out of 8 last matches.

The coefficients and forecast

Bookmakers odds alluding to the fact that even a draw at “Stamford bridge” guests will be able to play hard:

1.33–1.41: victory “Chelsea”;
4.5–5.3: draw;
7.8–10.2: victory “Sheffield United”.

We have no dependence on goals from both teams, but this bet really looks appropriate in different matches as this. In addition, the coefficients on high.