Rates and the forecast for the match Carolina Hurricanes — Florida Panthers, 24 Nov 2018

“Carolina” is coming to this match after a victory over “Toronto” and “new Jersey”. Will the Aho and the company for the first time this season to win 3 wins in a row? In current situation it is quite possible. After all, the Panthers are approaching this match exhausted long exit series and with big problems in defense. Or all the coaching staff of “Florida” will find the solution to the resulting problems?

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  • Carolina Hurricanes
  • Florida Panthers
  • Personal meetings
  • The coefficients and forecast

Carolina Hurricanes

“Carolina” for the past seasons shows consistently high values of the index Corsi. It tells about the activity of the team in a strange area, that is more playing time the team spends in the opponent’s area and gets more shots. But the success of this high activity is making. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the team is not so much class forwards to the end of attacks to increase efficiency.

This season the situation is similar. “Carolina” by Corsi is the leader of the League with the highest value of 58%. However, the team is only 9th place in the Eastern conference. On the other hand, maybe it’s not so bad. Still, the team participates in the struggle for a place in the play-offs and it is important not to break away from the struggle and in the decisive moments to play better than in recent years.

Some growth optimism in this direction is appropriate. Still, the leaders of Carolina is young but talented and with experience it is logical to expect improvement in the quality of the game, as individual players and the team as a whole. Sebastian Aho is a great talent and he has already settled into the League, which is certainly a big plus for Carolina.

From mid-October to early November “Carolina” issued a vague period in which lost 8 matches out of 10. The following is from the calendar made the fans again thinking about the last years and the situation of the team outside the playoffs. But in the last 6 games Carolina is beginning to improve. In 5 of 6 games, the team scored points in 4 of them won. In the last round he beat one of the leaders of the Eastern conference, “Toronto” with the score 5:2 for the first time in the last month, scoring 2 wins in a row.

Carolina held a demonstration match against such a formidable opponent. Only in the first period it was applied to 29 (!) shots on goal Toronto.

Each player “Carolina” dropped on goal, but, for example, Andrey Svechnikov struck 5 shots.

In the second period had a hard time “Carolina”. Because of hockey, “Toronto”, giving the score 1:2, tried how to put pressure on the defense, “Hurricanes”, and have to say pressure they have anyone. One of the most talented and deep attack lines from “Toronto”. But Carolina was able to withstand the onslaught and it is a very good sign for this team. And in the third period Carolina again took the initiative and was the owner of not only the venues but also on the court.

A very good sign is the fact that Svechnikov, Martinuk and Walmart seem to have formed the “chemistry” and good began to interact. They need to add stability. The first link with Sebastian Aho throughout this season brings sophistication to the defense of the opponents.

Recently recovered from injury, the Swedish forward Victor Rask. While Rod Brindamour it is not so much playing time provides. In the last match he spent on the ice for 10 minutes. But the return of rusk in the system is also able to strengthen the team, he was one of the team leaders. With every game he gets in shape and get more playing time. While Brindamour it sees in the fourth line, but over time he probably will “move” above.

Thus, the “Carolina” had a positive dynamics, the team kind of Brandamore encouraged by the victory over “Toronto” and will seek to extend winning streak to 3 matches for the first time this season, and at the same time and more serious to join in the fight for a place in the playoffs.

Florida Panthers

Florida currently last in the standings Eastern conference with 19 points, is 4 points less than “Caroline”. If you go to advanced statistics, you will note that the figure does looks good Corsi team. More than 50% is a very optimistic value. In principle, there is no failure of the implementation of shots. The implementation of most on 6-th place. These indicators are normal and even positive picture painted for the Panthers.

But there are problematic indicators. These include the game in the minority — Penalty Kill is only 74%, which is 27th in the League and goalies is another significant problem is “Florida”. Thus, the main problem the Panthers are concentrated in defense. The coaching staff is not yet able to cope with this problem.

The defenders allow you to hit shots from dangerous areas. None of the goalies not showing sufficient reliability. 3 goalkeepers this season came in the starting lineup and they all have mediocre value of the percentage of reflected throws: Roberto Luongo 90%, James Reimer 89%, Michael Hutchinson 83%.

Before the match, in the role of “Florida” will have problems not only protective character. The team is now extremely difficult schedule.

14 November “Philadelphia” — “Florida” — 1:2
16 November “Columbus” — “FL” — 7:3
18 November “new York Rangers” — “Florida” — 4:2
20 November “Ottawa” — “Florida” — 5:7
November 22, “Tampa Bay” — “FL” — 7:3

That is, for “Florida” the upcoming match will be the 6th away for 11 days. Over the last 4 games the Panthers have conceded 23 goals (!).

Personal meetings

Refer to personal meetings over the last 2 seasons.

“Carolina” — “Florida” — 3:2
“Florida” — “Carolina” 3:2 FROM
“Florida” — “Carolina” — 3:4
“Carolina” — “Florida” — 3:1
“Carolina” — “Florida” 3:2 FROM
Florida” — “Carolina” — 3:2

How popular is the 3:2 score, right? In 4 of the 6 matches this result was recorded. Maybe today it will happen again. But to play, I suggest, of course, not to the account. More on that below.

The coefficients and forecast

Key factors when choosing rates are positive changes in the game, “Carolina”, in particular great match played against Toronto and good performance of advanced statistics. Sebastian Aho can be considered as a separate factor in favor of the hosts. Failed defense by the “Florida” can’t cope defenders, goalkeepers don’t save, a weak game in the minority.

Personal meetings speak in favor of high performance, but in the current state of Affairs rather pushes you to bet on the over. “Carolina” will always be aggressive in a strange area. In “Florida” now the failure in defence, but the attack looks good.

Also noteworthy is the heavy calendar of the Panthers, who will play the 6th away match in a row.

Thus, I recommend to pay attention to the following rates: P1 for 2.2, 1.9 and ИТ1Б3 ТБ5,5 for 1.8.

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