Rates and the forecast for the match calgary flames — St. Louis Blues, 23 Dec 2018

Distressed “St. Louis” with the worst vetrami League, goes to visit a daring offensive team. Is there a chance for guests to get back from calgary with a shield or return on the shield inevitably?

The contents

  • Calgary Flames
  • St. Louis Blues
  • Personal meetings
  • The coefficients and forecast

Calgary Flames

After 36 games played “Sparks” can certainly be satisfied with their progress over the season. And not only the position in the table and graph a set of points, but also game contents.

As for the position in the table, “calgary” neither more nor less the leader of the Pacific division and second team Western conference.

The leadership in the division was partly due to a weak performance of “Anaheim” and “Los Angeles”, which in recent years consistently been in the top of the table. On the other hand in the same division there is a very decent “San Jose”, and with the arrival of Erik Karlsson the team in General, can be considered as one of the favorites of the League as a whole.

Besides its high level “calgary” has demonstrated in the last round in the match against League leader “Tampa Bay lightning”. In the beautiful game only in the penalty shootout, “Lightning” were able to overcome the “Lights” with the score 5:4. And the game is “calgary” not worse looking.

For the match against the “musicians” of the team with two losses in a row. In addition to the above lesions was from “Dallas” on the road.

This will give motivation to the players “calgary”.

“Lights” is played fast attacking hockey. How to operate the team in this home match after 2 consecutive defeats, I think, clear to everyone. In terms Corsi this team one of the League leaders, they have a 7th result with Corsi CF is 53%.

The implementation of most “calgary” is in the top 10 in the League. Given that the fast team is fast and skilful players like Goodro and Matthew Tkachuk, who will be jockeying. This style of play will provoke the opponents fouls. So, skill of implementation over quite handy.

St. Louis Blues

“St. Louis” is not the best season endures, at least for the moment. Maybe even be able to fix it, but now the team is only 13th in the West.

So good they have to attack ahead of activity is clearly not hvatatet — according to Corsi, they are only 23rd in the League with 45%. By the way, such indicators usually teams in the playoffs do not fall. An exception can be any team whose coach is a tactical freak, bent on defense.

Coach of “St. Louis” Craig Berube is not. He worked for many years with Philadelphia and his team played attacking hockey.

Currently just have “the Blues” too many flaws.

The big problem is the goalkeepers. They are the worst in the League with the percentage of reflected throws of 89%. It’s just a disaster.

Neither Allen or Johnson don’t feel comfortable in goal. From this the field players no confidence.

In the attack Tarasenko is clearly not to get their points of impact, expect from him more. Leader performance is O Reilly. Actually rumor has it that O’ Reilly conflicts within the team, being unhappy with what is happening.

The injury of team captain, best defender “Blues” of Pietrangelo only adds to this not very rosy picture.

In conclusion, we return to the problem of the goalkeeper “St. Louis” and to note that opponents will be one of the most attacking teams in the League.

Personal meetings

This season the teams met twice. At the start of the season in October, “Saint Louis” won 5:3, and most recently, “calgary” took a guest revenge, winning more than convincing 7:2.

The coefficients and forecast

Objectively speaking, not much chance of the guests to win. Yes, can flash Tarasenko, O Reilly, too, could play at a high level. It’s all valid.

But what is “St. Louis” will be to do with the attack, “Lights,” which the house will be particularly aggressive, especially after two defeats in a good hockey.

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