Rates and the forecast for the match Borussia Monchengladbach — RB Leipzig, August 30, 2019

The first match of the 3rd round of the German Bundesliga could draw in the Central match of the week in Germany: it “mönchengladbach”, each year striving to get into the Champions League, adopts the “RB Leipzig”, which now probably is seriously focused on the League title. Last season both matches between them ended with the victory of the latter: 2:0 at home and 1:2 away.

The contents

  • Mönchengladbach
  • RB Leipzig
  • The coefficients and forecast


In the new season the home team has not lost. After the minimum victory over “Sandhausen” in the German Cup, the team with the “Borussia-Park” played a scoreless draw with Schalke, and then has beaten “Mainz” 1:3.

Thus, the 3rd tour “mönchengladbach” will start from 7th place in the standings with the same with Bayern the points and with her trailing only five teams with a victory in both opening rounds, including the “RB Leipzig”.

Given this, it is not surprising that the “foals” are not considered the favorites in the match if their own fans, although they have not lost any of their previous 4 poedinkis and by the end of Friday and even weekend can be the leader of the Championship of Germany.

However, in the previous 6 meetings with the “RB Leipzig” the team failed to win a single victory, conceding in each game, and lost in the last 3 games against the team that holds the Bundesliga in only 4 season.

Average number of goals in their matches “black, white and green” are in the bottom three of the Premier division, while one game in his field has shown that can play about as good as the first half of last season.

Then they went into the winter break without home defeats, but then barely stuck in the gate area in the Europa League.

RB Leipzig

Guests started the new season better than the home team. Once knocked out of the German Cup in Osnabruck, they defeated the “Union Berlin” with the score 0:4 in the first round of the Bundesliga and secured success at home, defeating the “Eintracht Frankfurt” 2:1.

With a winning streak of 3 games in a row “RB Leipzig” will start the next game against Borussia, in a 6-and the last and only head-to-heads with which he opened the account — and only once goal in the first half became decisive.

However, a third of those oppositions “red bulls” did not miss. In addition, in 5 of the previous 7 matches, with their participation they scored and missed, although in 4 of last 5 games has opened the account.

8 out of 9 matches “RB Leipzig”, since the last round of last season, ended no less than 3 goals, but TB(2.5) took place only in half of face-to-face team meetings with the “Borussia mönchengladbach”.

The coefficients and forecast

Let the “Borussia” will play on the home field, the chances of her victory, according to quotes bookmakers, less than to win, “Leipzig”:

3.2–3.5: victory “Borussia mönchengladbach”;
3.5–4.0: draw;
2.0–2.2: victory “RB Leipzig”.

Goals both teams rarely passed the first matches of the participants of the meeting in the Bundesliga, and in their previous confrontations between them, but the odds on them are high but paired with something else.