Rates and the forecast for the match Bayern Munich — red Star, 18 September 2019

As soon as the match of Olympiakos against Tottenham, a match between a start and other members of the group B of the Champions League: the German “Bayern Munich” and Serbian “Crvena Zvezda” — the main favourite and the outsider of the group.

The contents

  • Bayern Munich
  • Crvena Zvezda
  • The coefficients and forecast

Bayern Munich

The German team started a new season, losing the Supercup match Germany his chief fundamental rival “Borussia Dortmund”. However, in the next 6 games, only one of which was friendly and ended with a victory of 0:23, the champion of the country is not lost.

Despite the lack of a defeat, Bayern Munich is not in first place in the standings of the Bundesliga — there the leader of the “RB Leipzig”, whose guest she played a draw with the score 1:1. This was the 6th match in a row in which the most titled German club in Germany, and in Europe scored to the opponent.

However, only one meeting of the last 6, excluding the exhibition match with a huge score, “FC Hollywood” are not missed from rivals when he visited the Schalke and returned home after winning 0:3. In other matches in the gate “Bavaria” someone scored, starting with “Borussia” and ending with “Mainz”.

After the start of the season and third official games involving the Reds ‘ haven’t scored more than 2 goals in both games defending champion Germany won. In the rest of the games were at least 3 goals, with a maximum of 7 on the last day of summer.

With these results Bayern, of course, can not be considered the favorite. Moreover, it is one of the 3 favorites to win the Champions League in General, and its main competitors — the current European champion Liverpool and Manchester city.

Crvena Zvezda

The Serbian team will start playing in the group stage of the Champions League in the status of a potential leader of his League: she is now on 3rd place, but won all 6 previous matches and has a couple of games to spare.

Unlike “Bavaria”, “Tsrvena the Star” the status of the champion of your League has not given privilege to go directly to the group — she had to qualify, and from the very first round, except for pre.

Thus, the team from the capital of Serbia has started the season in early July and to get into a group with Bayern, Tottenham and Olympiakos teams, whose leadership of the group coefficients are lower than the “red Star” — sent to the Europa League 4 opponents, meanwhile speaking in the domestic championship.

Despite this rich experience, and have 8 consecutive matches without defeats in last 6 matches “Crvena Zvezda” not only scored, but missed, and only one of them were scored less than 3 goals.

The coefficients and forecast

Odds bookmakers make it clear that the Serbian team in this environment has virtually no chance to earn 3 points:

1.05–1.08: the victory of “Bavaria Munich”;
12-15: draw;
30-44: the victory of the “red Star”.

Play Bayern away, you could bet on goals from both teams, but so far the best bet looks more or less cautious fora on “Crvena Zvezda”.