Rates and the forecast for the match Atletico Madrid — Juventus, August 10, 2019

This Saturday will be the final match of the International Champions Cup — it will play Atletico Madrid and Turin “Juventus”, who last held full-time appointments under the previous ⅛ finals of the Champions League.

After the home victory with the account 2:0 it seemed that the Spanish team has one foot in the quarter-finals, but in Italy she lost 3:0. The Italian team, however, left the tournament already in the next stage.

The contents

  • Atletico Madrid
  • Juventus
  • The coefficients and forecast

Atletico Madrid

After the end of last season in which the team led by Diego Simeone became the Vice-champion of Spain, the Madrid team has played several friendly matches and participated in the International Champions Cup.

In the framework of the Champions Cup “Atletico Madrid” beat like “Guadalajara” and the neighbors in the city of Madrid, but beating a Mexican team during a penalty shootout brought only a few points, so devastating victory with the account 3:7 in the Madrid Derby will not help the “Indians” win the trophy this summer — it was won by Benfica, winning all 3 games before the end of normal time.

Between Derby against real Madrid and 3rd in this year’s meeting with Juventus at Atletico Madrid was 10 days. “Plans” effectively they have used and run-in, which in the course of the transfer campaign, there have been many changes in friendly games with the stars of MLS and Atletico Madrid from Mexican San-Luis — victory 0:3 and 1:2.

Upon returning to Europe the Spanish team will try to extend its winning streak to 6 matches in a row to open the scoring in the 5th of their last 6 matches. Thus in 6 of their 7 previous meetings with the participation of Atletico haven’t scored less than 3 goals, which may seem unusual, given before the dry style of the team.


The Italian team last season knocked the Spanish out of the Champions League and won the Serie A with the Italian super Cup for the penultimate season, but in the off-season no trophy to win he can’t.

After the defeat against Tottenham in the first match of the International Champions Cup Juventus held in Derby of Italy with inter but beat arch-opponent of Milan only on penalties after 1:1, therefore, earned a couple of points.

Headed for Juventus , Maurizio Sarri, perhaps, any trophy will be a joy, but after winning the Europa League it will be important to test the structure and adapt it to their style of play, which Chelsea were in the Champions League and won the LE.

Yet under the leadership of former head coach of “Napoli” and “Chelsea”, the Turin team continued the trend to pass — she did it in 12 previous games, and in 7 of their last 8 matches, missed the first and scored and conceded in 8 out of 10 fights prior to this Saturday.

The coefficients and forecast

The odds of winning teams this weekend are approximately equal:

2.6–2.7: victory “Atletico Madrid”;
3.4–3.5: draw;
2.5–2.7: the victory of Juventus.

Changes in both teams and the match status implying that opponents are more satisfied with a shootout than end the game goalless.