Rates and the forecast for the match athletic Bilbao — real Sociedad, August 30, 2019

On Friday, the first day of the 3rd round of the Spanish La Liga, will be Basque Derby: “athletic Bilbao” will play against “real Sociedad”. This will be the 2nd match of the round, but only among the teams that has not lost in the previous League matches.

Last season both meetings the representatives of the Basque Country ended in favor of real Madrid: he has won with the account 1:3, and in February won on the home field 2:1. In the championship of Spain, he did not lose his principal rival for the previous 4 fights.

The contents

  • Athletic Bilbao
  • Real Sociedad
  • The coefficients and forecast

Athletic Bilbao

The team of Biscay will start 3rd round of La Liga with a 5-th or 6-th place in the standings with 4 points standings. A large part of she earned in the opening match of the season against Barcelona, which unexpectedly beat the defending champion Spain with the score 1:0. In the next game, however, already had to lose.

An away draw with Getafe with the score 1:1 has not allowed Athletic to climb into the top four, so he now shares the 5-th and 6-th place with “real Sociedad” with the same goal difference and goals conceded: 2:1.

Despite the fact that the participation of the “red-whites” in Europe is normal, it is too early to talk about how they will be able to gain a foothold in the top six or not. But judging by the predictions of the analytical website “five-network-eyt” (FiveThirtyEight), “lions” — the pretenders # 7 on the exit in the Champions League.

To overestimate “athletic” is not necessary, but nevertheless he has not lost any of their 4 previous matches, and opened the score in 5 of their last 6 games with his participation.

But the team from Bilbao has scored herself and gave the opponents to score in 6 of 7 matches that are held prior to that Friday. Bet on goals from both teams took place in 3 of the previous 4 head to heads against Sociedad in La Liga.

Real Sociedad

The team from Gipuzkoa share with their archrivals 5-6 places, so she’s especially great will slip athletic below, defeating him in Bilbao.

Besides, real Sociedad defeated athletic Bilbao in 3 of the last meetings in the framework of La Liga, although every time it was passed, and taking into account the friendly match before the start of last season leaves that were missed in the last 4 matches.

But Royal scored in both opening rounds of the Examples and earned points in the opposite of the “red-white” order: first the “white-blue” played a draw 1:1 against Valencia, and then beat the 0:1 Mallorca. This will be the 3rd consecutive match away.

In Derby, especially when even the projections of the website “538” the chances of reaching the European competitions are about equal, it is often difficult to predict the outcome, but we must.

The coefficients and forecast

In prices of firms, the hosts appear to be favourites of more than guests:

2.1–2.4: victory “athletic Bilbao”;
2.9–3.2: draw;
3.3–3.7: the victory of “real Sociedad”.

Judging by the odds, the goals of both teams — not the most obvious outcome Basque Derby, although it often ended with goals on both sides. To predict someone’s superiority in any case difficult, and high rates of saving.