Rates and the forecast for the match Astana — Partizan Belgrade, 3 October 2019

In the first match of the 2nd round of the group stage of the Europa League will play Kazakhstan “Astana” of Nur the Sultan and the Serbian “Partizan” from Belgrade — members of the group L, the difference between them after the first round is one point in favor of the guests.

The contents

  • Astana
  • Partizan Belgrade
  • The coefficients and forecast


The Kazakhstani team began their performance in the Europa League from the Champions League qualification, but lost out in the qualifying stage of the Europa League. Luckily for her, there she went to the end and eventually got into a group where there is quite good chances of an exit in the playoffs — of real favorites only “Manchester United”.

Just after the English team “Astana” lost in the first round of the group stage, although 1:0 on old Trafford, however United were not in this season can be considered a good result for the team from the capital of Kazakhstan, even before the 2nd round she takes the last place in the standings.

However, according to a predictive model of the website “five-network-eyt”, “blue-yellow” with a probability of 41% will be on the stage of the 1/16 final of the Europa League, although to advance to the next stage, they will be already more difficult: the odds are equal to 14%.

After defeat from “Manchester United” champion of Kazakhstan lost in another match against “Zhetysu” with the score 2:1, but in the next 2 matches in the Premier League his country defeated both opponents with a difference of 3 goals.

Thus, from the beginning of the European season in Kazakhstan football campaign started even earlier — “Astana” did not score only in 4 matches, and each of them spent on the road, and only one — not in the League of Europe.

Partizan Belgrade

After the first round of the Serbian team took 3rd place in the standings because I played a draw 2:2 with the Dutch “Alkmaar Sunstream” — is lower than the previous opponent it due to the fact that goals and points are valued higher than at home.

However, at the end of this tour, “Partisans” may be on the top of the table, if “Manchester United” will play a draw with AZ, and the Serbian team will win over “Astana”, but this doesn’t seem very likely outcome.

Despite the fact that odds on away win are not much higher than the victory of the home team, the first considered outsiders of the group. According to the forecasts, “538”, representatives of Belgrade will take place in the playoffs with a probability of only 17%, and their 2nd place give chances to 15%.

Thus, “Partisan” is one of the 6 main outsiders of the group stage of the Europa League, although he has not lost any of their last 9 games in all competitions, but in the previous 3 years, until this Thursday, won.

The coefficients and forecast

The Kazakh team is considered the favorite, the odds on her victory still exceed 50% of 2.0:

2.16–2.56: the victory of “Astana”;
3.10–3.32: draw;
2.95–4.10: victory at Partizan Belgrade.

8 of their last 10 matches with participation of “Astana” didn’t end with less than 3 goals, and in his field from the start of the European season, she scored in every game. After the first round of the Asian total seems safe.