Rates and the forecast for match Sweden — Norway, 8 September 2019

This Sunday night will be the Derby between geographic neighbors in Northern Europe and competitors in group F in qualifying for the European Championship: national teams of Sweden and Norway.

It would be a match of the 6th round of the qualifying tournament, which means the beginning of the 2nd round of qualification groups with 6 teams. That is, the Swedes have played against Norway this year — then their full-time meeting ended in a draw with the score 3:3.

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  • The coefficients and forecast


The Swedish team will begin the match of the 6th round on 2nd place in the standings of group F, trailing only the Spanish national team, which is still considered one of the main favorites of the European Championship even before it started.

For this weekend, Sweden earned 10 points and scored the goal difference is +5 — more than 12 goals in the group scored again only Spain, but less than 7-also missed the team from the Iberian Peninsula.

Taking a seat in the top two is a great result for members of the Northern Europe, despite the fact that the League of Nations they won the group, so if you do not qualify to the final tournament directly, will get a chance to be there after 2 matches in the play-offs at the end of March 2020.

Since Spain is likely to beat the Faroe Islands, Sweden is unlikely to approach her, but now the distance to the penultimate European Champions is 5 points. At the same time a victory over Norway would be a great result of this international break — then the nearest opponent will lag behind at least 3 points, maximum 5 points.

But the last 3 head to heads of the Swedes and Norwegians ended in a draw, let the before and won just the same “blue-yellow”.


The Norwegian national team, as well as Swedish, in the framework of the qualification and lost only once — and also the Spanish national team. But if the Swedes lost to Spain a sweep of 3:0, the Norwegians were defeated with the score 2:1.

Thus, in all 5 qualifiers Norway have scored, but missed only in games with outsiders’: Malta and the Faroe Islands.

In addition, only one of the 5 previous matches of the Norwegian national team had not opened the account — of course, it was a meeting with the players from Spain, but after defeat in the first round she has never lost.

But if in 6 last matches of Sweden were at least 3 goals the last 2 Norway match ended with 2 goals scored, though the team led the series 3 games in a row with less than 3 goals.

However, after the world Cup, “drill” has lost only 2 matches of the 11 — and both times only with a minimal goal difference.

The coefficients and forecast

According to the quotations of bookmaker offices, the Swedish team is considered a favorite:

1.9–2.0: victory for team Sweden;
3.3–3.6: draw;
4.1–4.4: the victory of the national team of Norway.

Both teams won the group in the League of Nations and can get to the Euros via the play-offs, but not the fact that they manage to win, so it is advisable to get to CHE directly. To do this, we need to score those.