Rates and the forecast for match Sarajevo — BATE, 8 Aug 2019

Between groups of matches that will start at 20:30 and 21:00 Moscow time, in the framework of the 3rd qualifying round of the Europa League kicks off in just one match. It will be held between the “Sarajevo” of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Belarus BATE.

Both teams started the European summer with selection to the League Champions, but was eliminated: the home team left the tournament at the end of the first round, and the guests stayed for one more round. Now the team in both face-to-face meetings will be worse, will fly from Europe, and the winner will be in the playoffs, where he will become the rival of “Astana” or Malta “Valletta”.

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  • Sarajevo
  • BATE
  • The coefficients and forecast


The only team from Bosnia and Herzegovina represented the country in the Champions League, but it is not very lucky in the first round to meet Celtic. The Scottish team have left the team from the Bosnian capital a lot of chances: a home defeat 1:3 and away 2:1 beat it to the Europa League.

In this tournament the opponent got too difficult in the end, he played in the playoffs final part of LE last season and beat Arsenal, who later reached the final. “Sarajevo” so can not boast.

But the Bosnian team has not lost any of their last 3 clashes and scoring a total of 4 goals, not missed a single one. Achievement, of course, so — so- no wonder that the Premier League Champions Balkan countries started in the UEFA Championships with the first round of the Champions League, not least from the 2nd.

A home match against BATE “Sarajevo” will actually spend on your stadium, but that is not important, and that even lost in the “Celtic” matches the team scored. And as we shall see further in games with the Belarusian team that matters.


The Belarusian team also started the Champions League qualification first round, but, unlike his opponent, he has successfully overcome after a 1-1 draw at home win 1:2 away the Polish “Piast Gliwice”.

In the 2nd round BATE won 2:1 at home, but lost away 2:0, when he came to Norwegian versus Rosenborg. On Saturday, the team from Borisov has fun in the Cup of Belarus and defeated Minsk “torpedo” with the score 8:1.

As the hosts, guests, and before the start of qualifying played regularly in the domestic League of the country so must be prepared not worse — and given the fact that I played a couple of Champions League matches are more better of their opponents.

In spite of the preparation, BATE missed in each of the previous 7 matches, one of which is not scored, and 4 of 5 last games with his participation ended with at least 3 goals in total.

The coefficients and forecast

Judging by the coefficients, the Belarusian team have more chances to win:

2.8–3.2: victory “Sarajevo”;
2.9–3.3: draw;
2.4–2.5: win BATE.

And even more chances to enter the playoffs of the qualifying tournament:

3.2–3.4: passage “Sarajevo”;
1.3–1.4: the passage BATE.

Despite the fact that BATE is the favorite, odds on him allow well to combine double chance and a minimum of 2 goals. A draw is also satisfied.

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