Rates and the forecast for match Israel — Northern Macedonia, 5 September 2019

Israel and Northern Macedonia familiar with each other. They met in qualifying for the 2018 world Cup and exchanged guest victories.

Israel won the first match with the score 2:1, but in the return match, the victory was celebrated already severamente, winning with the score 1:0 thanks to a goal by Pandev. Then, however, the Israeli team was led by don Andres Herzog, Elisha levy.

In the end, the qualification and the Israelis and severamente failed, finishing respectively 4th and 5th place in the group. Now, these teams are among the contenders for second place in the group.

The contents

  • Israel
  • Northern Macedonia
  • The coefficients and forecast


Israel national team never played at the Euros. In the entire history of the team only once qualified for the world Cup, and that it was in the 1970-th year.

Because the desire to get to the big tournament every year the Israelis stronger. Significant progress the team has made it when Herzog. In the League of Nations it was close to the first place in the group, but lost in the final match of Scotland.

The qualification for Euro Israel launched a powerful draw with Slovenia, as well as defeating Austria and Latvia, scoring in these two matches 7 goals. In the fourth round, Israel met with the leader of the group and its main favourite of the national team of Poland and there the miracle happened. Israel has conceded with the account 0:4.

It is noteworthy that 7 of the 8 goals of the Israeli team in qualifying for Euro scored Zahavi. He is the top scorer not only his team but of the whole qualification.

Naturally, it will be assigned the main hope of the Israeli team in this match. Compared to previous games, Herzog did not cause Ben Saar and injured Jane and Bitton.

On the other hand, is ready to debut for the main team of the country Sean, Weisman, which perfectly fit into the Austrian “a’s second substitution” and scored 7 of the 16 goals of his team. He is the second top scorer in the Austrian Bundesliga and has the potential to strengthen the attack of the Israeli team.

Northern Macedonia

Northern Macedonia was considered one of the contenders for second place. However the chances of severomorcev was considered lower than the chances of the same Israel, Austria or Slovenia, but they Angelovski in the opening rounds, was forced to revise them.

In the first round they managed to beat Latvia with the score 3:1, and in the second round stood against Slovenia, playing with her in a draw 1:1. But then severamente narrowly lost to Poland, but was then defeated Austria with the score 1:4.

It is noteworthy that Northern Macedonia rarely loses with a gap of 2 goals or more. Only twice in 16 games the team lost with such a gap.

This suggests stability in the defense team. But while the team is 5th on the 5th place in the group and only victory over Israel may raise quotes to the North of Macedonia on the way out of the Euro.

The main problem of the North of Macedonia are the injury Ristovski and poor physical fitness Hasani. These players do not hit the bid team. But Markoski, though included in the application, but it still bothers the wrist injury.

The coefficients and forecast

I advise you to put on A1. Team Israel when Herzog shows great football, and the victory over Austria showed that Israel is willing to fight for the second ticket to the Euro from its group.

North of Macedonia, on the contrary began for the health in the first few rounds, began to play hesitantly, lost in simple situations and have lost twice in a row. Israel in its field needs to defeat Northern Macedonia, especially because Zahavi is in great shape.