Rates and the forecast for match Cyprus — Kazakhstan, 6 September 2019

For this match will be the centre of attention of the Russian fans, and all because Cyprus and Kazakhstan represent group I and playing for the national team of Russia.

Russia, of course more profitable Cyprus to win, then victory over Scotland, the gap between Russia and its closest pursuers will be 6 points.

Between Cyprus and Kazakhstan only met twice. In 2004, the year they played the match for the 5th place at the Cyprus international round, where the tournament hosts won 2:1.

The last meeting between these teams was held in March 2017, the year and then also won the Cypriots with the score 3:1. Will Kazakhstan be able to lose?

The contents

  • Cyprus
  • Kazakhstan
  • The coefficients and forecast


Cyprus national team has virtually no chance to the second place. And all because Cyprus is the only 5-th place in the group and coming second behind Russia by 6 points.

In fact, Cyprus has managed to win only San Marino and lost to the teams with which he is inferior to the rating. So, the team Ran Ben-Shimon lost to Belgium 0:2, then was close to a draw against Scotland, conceding a goal in the last minute.

Well, in the match. final score 0:1 does not reflect reality, as the Russians had many chances to score and the score could be 3:0 and 4:0. The match with Kazakhstan to Cyprus is the first opportunity for the last 4 rounds to really claim victory.

In the part of Cyprus there are no real stars that could pull the team alone as Salah, for example, in Egypt. Most football teams play in the championship of Cyprus, and the main goalkeeper Pardo and all of July has no club, and therefore a constant match practice.


From Kazakhstan, few expected the intrigue in this group. But the team in the first round sensationally defeated Scotland 3:0, and seriously perceived as the main competitor of the Russian national team in struggle for the second place in the standings.

But then lost to Kazakhstan to group leaders Russia and Belgium with a total score of 0:7. And everything fell into place.

And even the victory over San Marino in the last round left the Kazakhs in third place with a gap of 3 points from the Russian team. To qualify for its debut on Thursday, the team must defeat the Cypriots and hope that Scotland, which runs neck and neck with Kazakhstan will be able to take points from Russia.

Interestingly, Kazakhstan on the road last won in official matches in October 2015 of the year. During this time Kazakhstan held 9 official meetings and suffered 7 defeats and 2 draws.

The coefficients and forecast

I advise you to put on ИТБ1 (1). Cyprus at home is usually focused on the fight. The team simply has to win to have a chance to take second place. Besides, Kazakhstan plays away unconvincing, steadily flowing there goals.

Perhaps the reason for this is the field. At “Astana-Arena”, where he used to play the Kazakhs, artificial turf and there the team got used to it, manages to defeat unprepared opponents. But away from home on a regular field of Kazakhstan is experiencing problems. This is a chance for Cyprus to improve their standings and goal from the hosts it is possible to wait.