Rates and prediction Rublev – Kyrgyz, September 1, 2019

The last run in the men’s category among the matches of the third round, the organizers had set the game between Andrei Rublev and Nick Kyrgios. Everyone is waiting for the spectacle. We bring you a preview and Outlook for Russian-Australian opposition in new York.

The contents

  • Andrei Rublev
  • Nick Kyrgios
  • The coefficients and forecast

Andrei Rublev

A difficult tournament grid from Andrei Rublev in Melbourne. In the preview for the opening match of the Russians against the Stephanos of Zizipus we celebrated and considered a great approach and good recent form of Andrew. I repeat will not.

Managed Rublev chetyrehmetrovoy in a difficult match to win Stefanos of Zizipus (6-4, 6-7, 7-6, 7-5). Nervous get the ending. Despite the fact that the quality of the game Rublev looked better than the opponent failed in the fourth game to finish the match on his serve at the first attempt. However, at a reception in the end still put the squeeze on the opponent.

The first round match note serious dominance Rublev at the reception: 40% of points against 35% of the game. Good value winners-enforcem 51 to 47. Of course, not the “pure” game, but we remember about the fact that Andrew did not stay too long in defence, at the first opportunity to go on the attack.

I think the factor that in the second round just one set played Rublev (Gilles Simon starred), will also be for the benefit of the Russians in terms of recovery and rest.

Nick Kyrgios

As usual, around nick Kyrgios many scandals, rumors, interviews, etc. haven’t had time to pay a fine in the amount of 113 000 dollars for his “behavior” in the previous tournament, as new problems associated with the statements about corruption in the Asia Pacific region. Now the tennis player is threatened with disqualification even.

Oddly enough, the game Nika is not obstructed. Confidently passed on a tournament grid Johnson and Oan. Without given sets. See a great movement on court, the desire to play and fight for every ball. The match against Johnson just a great figure ‘ bracket-enforcem 53 to 32. On the same level worked the second match against Oana (40 to 22).

So Nick Kyrgios, who we now see threat for any opponent. However, to make a correction. Yet in the current form and level of play now is much superior Rublev and Johnson and Oana.

The coefficients and forecast

In line bookmakers see in the role of a decent favourite nick Kyrgios. I do not think that all so will be easy for an Australian tennis player. In the previous two games frankly weak looked at the reception. Rublev in this component is capable of more.

Also remember about the fact that last year in a personal meeting in Moscow, the victory has already got a difficult three-set winner in the match. Expect without a fight Rublev from the court will not leave and at least keep positive handicap for games in the match.