Rates and prediction for Vegas Golden knights — new York islanders, December 21, 2018

Hero from not only hockey, but all sports in the world, “Vegas” will take home one of the best defense in the League, built by Barry Trotzem. Can Knights hack this fortress or all the miracles in the past season?

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  • Vegas Golden Knights
  • New York Islanders
  • The coefficients and forecast

Vegas Golden Knights

Ice hockey “Vegas” in his first season in the NHL, he performed a miracle, reaching the Stanley Cup finals, where they lost to the team Ovechkin of the Washington capitals.

The phenomenon of “Vegas,” we wrote in the article “Home dominance of Vegas causes losses to the bookies”. Yes, analysts bookmakers, exposing huge odds on “Knights”, was wrong.

This incredible performance was possible thanks to the motivation based on the desire of the players to prove to themselves and the clubs that refused them that they are capable of doing the result. Every game charge to win was crazy. And good physical condition helped to impose the struggle on each site of the site.

This season has anything to prove is not necessary, but the composition is still not the strongest. Well, Yes, some players have become individually stronger through this experience last year, but overall the Knights, though, and the gold, remain a mediocre team.

This season they are on 7th place in the Western conference with a balance of wins/losses 19-17.

It is not so reliable goalie Marc-Andre Fleury, this season he has only 90% of the reflected throws, last season the figure was at 93%.

For this match, “Vegas” comes after a difficult away 4 match series, which took place from 14 to 18 December. 6 days played 4 games. And 2 of them ended in overtime.

By the way, in one of the matches were played with “new York islanders” with the score 3:2. A total of 17 shots “Knights” has allowed the opponent to strike the target, but it was enough to win.

Completed this check out the “Vegas” game against the “Columbus” which was lost 0:1 and another injured striker second link Max pacioretty. He missed roughly a week.

New York Islanders

“The islanders” in the last couple of seasons, their fans are not happy and when in the offseason, the team left John Tavares, the prospect of participating in the playoffs was covered in intense fog.

However, the islanders currently occupies the 8th place in the East and fighting for the playoffs. This was made possible thanks to the arrival on the coaching post Barry Trotta, who built a well-organized game based on solid defense.

“Islanders” in 33 matches conceded 93 goals. Current realities of the NHL, when the performance has increased dramatically, this is a very decent value. Less missed only “Boston Bruins”.

“Islanders” continue the road until it folds perfectly. 2 matches — 2 wins. Cast were “Colorado” (4:1) and “Arizona” (3:1).

Please note, the defense of the islanders were able to hold one of the strongest of the three attacks in the League: Colorado trio Rantanen, McKinnon and Lindeskog. 155 performance points in 35 games, Rantanen is the League leader in efficiency, McKinnon second.

So, the team knows a lot about containment of the opposition leaders. Meanwhile, “Vegas” will not Pacioretty, which of course will weaken the attacking potential of the Knights.

The coefficients and forecast

Not to say that the match is easy to predict, but the odds on the away win seems too high. Wards Barry Trotta basis in the form of reliability of the game. On the other hand, they continue to check in and already 2 matches won.

The “Vegas” will not Pacioretty and not the fact that they had enough time to recover after a hard 4 match out.

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