Rates and prediction for the match Juventus — Napoli, 31 Aug 2019

Match the two leaders last season Juventus and Napoli will be held today in Turin. The fact that it will be played in the second round reduces a bit of his entertainment, as many players are not in their perfect condition, and the tactics of the coaches still damp.

Most of it relates, of course, for Juventus, where in the offseason the team was headed by Surrey. Between Juventus and Napoli have met 146 times in the Serie A. Juventus have won 68 times, while Napoli — 31. In the last 10 head-to-heads in Serie A, Napoli have only twice managed to beat the Turin team. Last season, the defending champion and twice defeated the Neapolitans – 3:1 at home and 2:1 away.

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  • The coefficients and forecast


Juventus started the new season with a victory against Parma FC. She, however, turned out to be quite modest and the result of the match decided the exact punch Chiellini in the 21st minute. Unfortunately, Chiellini broke crosses and was out until about the end of the year.

In the match with Parma Juventus led Martusciello as Surry was pneumonia. Sarri managed to end up in a scandal, take a picture with a fan holding a pack of cigarettes.

In this match Surrey if you will still appear on the edge of the field, will be able to earn the resentment of the Neapolitan club already, because two years ago Surry was led by Napoli and Neapolitans are pretty vindictive people. So, they still vilify Gonzalo Higuain, who has also gone over to the camp of Juventus, and last season played under the leadership Surry in Chelsea.

Higuain is the pet Surry, because he may appear at the point of attack.

Changes in the composition of Juventus compared to the match with Parma will be minimal. Instead of the injured Chiellini appears de Ligt, and Rubio needs to be replaced in the starting lineup Matuidi, who looked in the match with “Parma” raw.

It is noteworthy that Juventus are unbeaten for 21 home matches in the Serie A.


Napoli is the only club in Italian football, which remained loyal to the last coach, and left Carlo Ancelotti in his post. Herein lies the advantage of the Neapolitans, who do not need to get used to new coaching schemes.

In the first round of Napoli met on the road against Fiorentina and the team gave a high-scoring game in which 7 goals were scored. Napoli won with the score 4:3 and the fight was remembered by the refereeing scandal and a controversial penalty.

The best player in structure “Napoli” has become a Insigne who took part in all 4 goals of his team: he scored twice and gave two assists. It may be different in the match with “Juventus, reabilitacinis penalty miss in the last personal meeting of these team. Then his mistake cost the team a draw.

In the match with Juventus, Ancelotti may have to change Di Lorenzo on Maksimovic. He is able if not to completely shut down Ronaldo, then at least to considerably restrict his freedom.

The coefficients and forecast

I advise you to put on “both to score”. Napoli and Juventus are the teams that make the emphasis on attack. In teams a lot of experienced players, each of which can single-handedly decide the outcome of the match.

Personal meeting in the second round, allow one team to get a small handicap before the rival goals in this match should be both ways. In addition, this rate was held in two face-to-face encounters between the two teams last season.