Rates and prediction for Slovenia — Israel, 9 September 2019

The situation in group G one of the most intriguing in the current skills. 4 teams compete for a place in the main part of the Euro and predict the denouement of this struggle at the moment is almost impossible.

But at the end of this tour, some conclusions already can be done as favorites of the group will play each other. Slovenia will fight with Israel, and Poland with Austria. In March, Slovenia and Israel have played in the current qualifying and then in Haifa was a draw 1:1.

The contents

  • Slovenia
  • Israel
  • The coefficients and forecast


Slovenia participated at the Euros only once. It was in 2000 year. Since then the team has been able to pass the sieve of qualification, and of course the team wants to show themselves at the continental championship.

The beginning of this selection, it seemed, struck Slovenes of the number of applicants vouchers for Euros. The team played twice in a draw with Israel and Northern Macedonia and lost to Austria.

But in the last 2 rounds of Slovenia were able to show the character that was inherent in the team in the early 2000s, and first defeated Latvia with the score 5:0, and then it was sensationally defeated Poland with the score 2:0, which 4 matches, has not lost any points.

After this victory, the chances of passage in the main body of the Euro in Slovenia has increased significantly. Team takes third place, trailing by only 1 point from Austria. Thus the victory over Israel and a logical loss of points the Austrians in a match with furious after the defeat of Poland, will lead Slovenia into second place.

It is noteworthy that before the victories over Latvia and Poland, the Slovenians have not won in 11 official matches. And in the League of Nations, the team failed to win a single victory, although in one group a team played not the top teams such as Cyprus, Bulgaria and Norway.


Team Israel was never on the Euro. But with the arrival on the coaching bridge of Andreas Herzog began to seem that Israel may make its debut on the Euro in the next year.

In the League of Nations wards Herzog took second place, losing to Scotland only in the last round. And the current qualification Israel launched a powerful, largely defeating Latvia and Austria and draw against Slovenia. Then it was defeated by Poland with the score 0:4.

Despite this the team after 4 rounds were in the second place and was almost the main contender for one of the vouchers for Euros. But in the last round the team lost points at home after failing to beat Northern Macedonia. The match ended in a draw 1:1. And dropped to 4th place.

In this match once again scored Zahavi, who is the top scorer not only against Israel, but of the whole qualification. His score is 8 out of 9 goals of the Israeli team.

And that’s the problem of the national team of Herzog. She too relies on the talent Zahavi, forgetting about his defense. Before the match with Slovenia Zahavi felt a pain in his leg, but fortunately to play he can, but it is unlikely it will be enough for the entire match.

The coefficients and forecast

This match 3 outcome. Both teams need to win and have equal opportunities. This is confirmed by two draws in their last two meetings. Therefore I advise is not to allocate one of the teams, and to put on TB 2. This rate is not lost in the last two meetings of these teams.

This match is very important for Israel and Slovenia. A draw will not suit either one of the teams, because worth the wait here the intensity of emotions and a considerable amount of goals scored. Moreover, on average, Israel and Slovenia score in this skill of almost 2 goals per game.