Rates and prediction for Sinyakova Pera, August 22, 2019

On predsienou tennis tournament in new York Katerina Sinyakova and Bernarda Pera will determine one participant in the semi-finals. In two personal meetings in 2018 and 2019 biennium the Czech tennis player won and has not allowed Bernard to take even a set. Is there any chances of success in Pera in the match of the tournament in new York?

The contents

  • Katerina Sinyakova
  • Bernard Feather
  • The coefficients and forecast

Katerina Sinyakova

Before the start of the tournament in new York Katerina Sinyakova on the North American hard-court tournaments had on its account only one victory in four matches. For a long time failed to Katerina to reach your winning level.

In new York Czech tennis player at the start didn’t stand a chance van Apani (6-3, 6-2), and then on removing the opponent was Anastas Potapov.

Clearly you had the time of Maria Sinyakova to play and know the game on hard-court tournaments. In the first two matches in new York is noticeable that it was much less to go wrong chick. In many ways, her tennis is the ability to play fast, to offer the opponent a high tempo game. It takes not only to be well prepared physically, but to act with less marriage. At the moment out on such a familiar level of tennis Sinyakova.

Bernard Feather

69-I racket of the world Bernard the Pen spent a good two tournaments on clay in Lausanne and Riga, where he reached the semi-finals. On hard Pen moved only last week in Cincinnati. Then lost in the first match of Kudermetova.

In new York, the American tennis player in the first round managed to take the revenge from Kudermetova (6-0, 6-2). In the game of the second round against Barbora Strykova have not been able to hold the Pen at the same level the whole match. However, they coped with the tenacious resistance of the representative of the Czech Republic 3-6, 6-2, 6-1. Babrala in the game is clearly not withstood difficult weather conditions and heat.

Now for Bernarda tough test – match against the inconvenient rival. Sinyakova, having scored two victories over the first hard one in 2018 in Beijing, in this season in Sydney. Difficult American tennis player to maintain a high tempo and not make mistakes. The pen likes to attack, not drawn into protracted rallies. Error in this game is inevitable. Sinyakova capable to use mistakes of the opponent in your favor.

The coefficients and forecast

In the role of favorite in the upcoming match is Katerina Sinyakova. We believe that the Czech player is capable at the moment to confirm this status. The pen is a comfortable opponent’s style of play for Catherine. Now the Czech found his game and is able to more confidently lead in personal meetings.