Rates and prediction for Osasuna — Barcelona, 31 Aug 2019

Saturday’s matches in the Example of Spain will open the fight recently returned to the elite of Spanish football, CA Osasuna, as well as defending champion Barcelona.

Latest encounters CA Osasuna and Barcelona was held in the 2016/17 season when the representatives of Pamplona also managed to get out in Example after 2 season stay in the Second division. In both matches, the Catalans have won with the large account 3:0 on away and 7:1 at camp Nou.

Overall in the last 5 meetings, Barcelona have scored four times “CA Osasuna” at least 3 goals in their games pamplontsy scored the Catalan team only twice. Will Osasuna take points away to Barcelona now?

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  • The coefficients and forecast


Osasuna is part of the 8 top teams at the end of two rounds did not suffer a single defeat. In these two matches the team scored only 1 goal in gate “the Suburb” in the first round, but it was enough to score 4 points.

In the second round “Osasuna” played a draw 0:0 with “Eibar”. The match was very generous with yellow cards. They were shown 8, 4 for each team.

It is noteworthy that according to xG Osasuna didn’t get to the option 1 nor the expected goal in the match with “Getafe”, any match of the second round with “Eibar”. Note also that Jagoba Arrasate was not able to definitively determine the tactical scheme of your team.

For the match with “Getafe” Osasuna came out with a 4-2-3-1 tactic with Aviles at the point of attack, which in the end was the only scorer. But against the “Eibar” Arrasate fielded a 4-4-2, where a few Aviles was Cardona. Goals Osasuna did not score, but “Eibar” and could not for the entire match to hit the target pamplontsev.

Interestingly, Osasuna has a 26-game home unbeaten streak in League matches and Segunda. Within its framework the team has won 21 and played 5 times a draw.

But there are serious doubts that this series will be able to extend the match with Barcelona.


“Barcelona” has some bad luck in the beginning of the championship. In the first round, the Catalans sensationally lost “Athletics”. In the same match injured Suarez and Dembele, actually left Valverde without key forwards. And of course there is the injury to Messi and he will not be able to play against CA Osasuna.

Rumor has it that the Argentinian another month to spend in the infirmary, but so far it’s all rumours. In such a difficult situation, “Barcelona” came to Seville for a meeting with the “betasom” and won a clear victory with the score 5:2.

Note the newbie of the team Grasmann, who opened the score his goals for the Catalans, having a double. Both times he was assisted by Roberto, which indicates good teamwork of these players.

So, to ruin this bunch Valverde should not.

In the second half, Valverde, knowing that his team won was released on the game 16-year-old Fathi. The representative of Guinea-Bissau became the youngest debutant of the Catalan team in 78 years.

The coefficients and forecast

Recommend to put on F2 (-1). Yes, they have problems with injuries, but last round the team gave a great answer to haters that he can play not only without Messi, but Suarez and Dembele.

Now Barcelona have Griezmann who feels in such a situation as a fish in water. Lose points “Barcelona” absolutely not desirable, especially against such an opponent as “Osasuna”. Therefore, it is possible to bet on the Catalans that even the optimal its composition should take 3 points from Pamplona.