Rates and prediction for Orenburg — Tambov, August 10, 2019

The match of two outsiders RPL opens the 5th round of the championship. Together, these teams have met only twice. It was in the 2017/18 season in the FNL. Then the “Tambov” spent his second season in the FNL, and “Orenburg”, was there after his debut season in the top League of Russian football. In Orenburg the hosts were stronger, winning with the score 2:1, but in the second round, the team finished the match in a draw 1:1.

The contents

  • Orenburg
  • Tambov
  • The coefficients and forecast


For “Orenburg” for the third season in the RPL began catastrophic. The team after 4 rounds, last in the standings RPL, being the only one who was not able to get all the points in this championship.

Even at “Sochi”, which did not score in the opening match of a goal-1 point after last season, in which residents played draw with “Ufa”. But we cannot say that “Orenburg” failed their duels. Matches with CSKA, “Rostov” and “Ahmad” ended with the defeat of only 1 ball, and in a duel with “Zenith” the Orenburg looked not hopeless.

The reason for a poor start to the season is simple – it is a complete renewal of the composition. Compared to last season, Orenburg have lost 9 first team players, including goalkeeper Frolov and make up such loss in the first rounds was simply impossible.

During the season “Orenburg” continues to sign new players. Thus, recently joined the team of Israeli defender Eddie Gottlieb. Despite Israeli citizenship, he has kept also the Russian passport, therefore will not be considered in the RPL player that will be important for the team next season, will be introduced when the new format players.

Meanwhile, in the “Orenburg” we can highlight only Despotovich, who scored 2 of 3 goals this season.


“Tambov” passed a real baptism, received in the opening rounds of RPL Champions three of the past “Zenith” “the locomotive” and “Spartak”. In each of these matches, “Tambov” scored and in a match with “Spartak” scored a sensational victory, scoring while only the points in the championship.

In the last round “Tambov” in Saransk took the angry departure from the Europa League, “Arsenal”, which played at the RPL debut, defeating “Tambov” with the score 1:0. In General, “Tambov” is a newcomer in name only, as the players mostly have rich experience in RPL and spent many seasons playing for the other team. This can explain the spirit of “Tambov” in every match.

Before the match with the “Orenburg”, “Tambov” left just two players. The FC Rostov went to conquer “the Baltic sea”, and Doumbia decided to pursue a career in “Armavir”. This season both of these players on the field in the “Tambov” does not appear.

Called into question the participation of Nigerian Usman, who is recovering from his injuries.

The coefficients and forecast

For the first time this season, “Orenburg” is the clear favorite of the match. The coefficient on the victory of the home team about 1.85. But to bet on the victory of the “Orenburg” is not advised, too well proved “Tambov” in matches with favourites of RPL in past tours. The best bet for the match is 2 TB.

Despite its low position in the standings, both teams have scored in 3 of their 4 matches in the current season. This match is very important for the “Orenburg”, and “Tambov”, as it is a great opportunity for both teams to improve their standings. Because they will give everything in the match as possible. Moreover, such rate is not lost in two previous meetings of these teams in the first division.

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