Rates and prediction for Northern Ireland — Germany, September 9, 2019

The match between two leaders of group C. So at least it looks like the standings before an internal meeting of these commands. But it’s not so easy as it seems and the more we analyze the situation in the forecast. Between Northern Ireland and Germany have played 12 matches.

The German “machine” won in 8 matches, while Northern Ireland managed to defeat the Germans twice, and both of these victories occurred in qualification for EURO 1984. In the last 5 meetings the Germans conquered Northern Ireland, and they managed to break through the German defenses in these matches only once.

Whether Northern Ireland to take points away from Germany now, using the exemplary victory of the Netherlands over Germany a few days ago?

The contents

  • Northern Ireland
  • Germany
  • The coefficients and forecast

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is coming to this tour in the rank of unconditional leader of the group, scoring 12 points in 4 played matches.

But all these points were scored in matches with outsiders of the group with Belarus and Estonia, and even defeating these teams turned out for Northern Ireland strained. In 3 of 4 games the game was decided by goals Northern Ireland in the last quarter of the match.

Thus, this qualification for Northern Ireland is only now beginning. And now the team will have 2 matches with Germany and the Netherlands, and to count on first two places in the group team need to cling to the points in these matches.

True, to despair, none of superorganized not going to. On the contrary, they are confident in his victory, especially given the fiasco of Germany from the Netherlands.


Germany completely failed in the last world Cup, and the League of Nations. Lev then left on a post of the head coach and qualified for the Euro, the Germans launched more than successful, winning in the opening 3 matches, beating with their main competitor the Netherlands with the score 3:2.

But in the last round a house of cards, built the Left, collapsed, as Germany lost to the Netherlands with the score 2:4.

Now if the Netherlands, the Germans will get the same number of points, the higher in the standings will be the Dutch. Lion limited duty phrase that Netherlands played better than his team. But the German experts and the press accused, and not without reason defenders of the team and especially The failure of that game.

But the real blame for that defeat were many casualties in the German national team. So, for the match against Netherlands, the team Leva came without Gorecky, rüdiger, of Kehrer, Draxler and sane. The match with Northern Ireland to this list were added Nico Schulz, who got injured in the match against the Dutch, as well as Gundogan, who shouldn’t have the flu.

And now Lev will not be easy to form it has efficient team of professionals, who must forget about the defeat against the Netherlands and defeat to Northern Ireland.

The coefficients and forecast

I advise you to put on F2 (-1). If Germany would have played a full team, the chances of Northern Ireland even a draw would be a little. Now Germany can gain the only known volitional character of this team.

To go to the Germans nowhere and we must win the home team. Germany will be angry after losing to the Netherlands and must win to Northern Ireland. But this victory will not be easy and most likely, with a gap of 1-2 goals.