Rates and prediction for Mariupol — AZ Alkmaar on August 8, 2019

“Mariupol” and “AZ” will compete today in Odessa. “Mariupol” never before met with Dutch teams, but more experienced in Euro cups AZ managed to play at once with 4 Ukrainian clubs Shakhtar, Dynamo, Dnipro and Metalist. Statistics of these struggles in favor of the AZ — 3 wins, 2 losses (both from Dynamo) and 2 draws.

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  • Mariupol
  • AZ Alkmaar
  • The coefficients and forecast


“Mariupol” last season took 4th place in the championship of Ukraine, which guaranteed the team Babic’s participation in the Europa League.

The team has a large experience in European tournaments, and in fact the current participation is only the third in the history of this club.

Compared to last season, “Mariupol” has significantly weakened. The team has lost 6 key players. Ignatenko and Zubkov went to Sergei Rebrov in “Ferencvaros”, Boyarchuk, Pikhalenok and Sickan was leased to the club and returned to the camp of the Pitmen, and experienced defender Demiri did not renew his contract.

To fill the hole in the line Babich had a youth, who absolutely has no experience of senior football. “Mariupol” again helped Shakhtar, sending Topalov, Czech, and Czech Kaschuk for rent in Mariupol.

The difference in the coming and going of players is just huge and Babic a lot of work in this direction. “Mariupol” started the championship poorly, losing to the debutant of the Premier League “to Ear” with the score 1:2, but in the second round the team of Babich has managed to rehabilitate themselves to their fans and to overcome the “Alexandria” with the same score 2:1. Goals in that match were noted Vakula and Fomin.

The last in Odessa, we will not see because he had injury and is the most serious loss “Mariupol” in this match. Besides it also will not be able to help his team two defenders Kornienko and Jaworski.

AZ Alkmaar

AZ last season also took 4th place in their League. But unlike “Mariupol” the team won the right to play in the Europa League in the second qualifying round.

At this stage, the Dutch have dealt with the Swedish “Chechena”. The first match in the Netherlands ended in a draw 0:0, and here in Sweden “AZ” defeated the rival with the score 3:0.

After a confrontation with the “Chechena” AZ have decided to sell their top scorer of last championship Gus Tilla in “Spartacus”, but while his absence is not felt, since after his departure, AZ started in the championship, defeating the “Fortune” with the score 4:0, and 3 goals were scored with 53 in the 59th minute. One of the goals in that match were scored by Moroccan al Idrissi, who was the second scorer of the team after Tilla. Idrissi has already managed to score a goal in the match against “Hekken”.

Interestingly, the new coach of AZ in the offseason became Arne Slot. When it is AZ, not only have not lost a single official match, but not missed them a single ball.

The coefficients and forecast

I advise you to put on the A2. Mariupol survived a radical reshaping of its membership and it is unlikely the young people that came instead of the experienced players will be able to quickly give the desired Babich result. In addition, there is trauma in Fomin, which is the main hope of the Ukrainian team in the attack.

AZ, in addition to care Tilla has no problem. And then Tilla is a worthy replacement in the person of the striker Boada, who managed to score in LE and in the Dutch League. The Dutch are the clear favorites of the match and the odds on them winning in the last day “dipped” from 1.68 to 1.85.

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