Rates and prediction for Kosovo — Czech Republic, 7 September 2019

Match of the group A. Kosovo and the Czech Republic are candidates for output in the main part of the European Championship. In light of the fact that the first place will almost certainly accrue to England, the teams will compete for the one remaining ticket, because personal meeting between them is almost crucial in this fight.

This match can be called the battle of ambition and experience, as Kosovo has no practical experience in the international arena, while the Czechs are an experienced team that has played at the world Cup and the European Championship.

The contents

  • Kosovo
  • Czech Republic
  • The coefficients and forecast


Kosovo is one of the youngest federations in Europe and for her last world Cup qualifiers was the first in history.

Then the Kosovars failed to pass the sieve of qualification. They often were mistaken in defence and missed a lot, but in the League of Nations, Kosovo has managed to win in their group, leaving behind Azerbaijan, Malta and the Faroe Islands and, more importantly, the Kosovars had not suffered a single defeat, 4 victories in 6 matches, with 2 draws.

In the current selection Kosovo played a draw with Bulgaria at home and Montenegro away, and then made a loud sensation, beating Bulgaria away with the score 3:2.

Thus Kosovo after 3 rounds, coming in third place, trailing by 1 point from its current rivals, the Czechs. And to increase your chances of qualifying for Euro, the Kosovars needed victory over the Czech Republic.

And, interestingly, the bookies put up for both teams are similar quotes by putting only slightly Czechs. Perhaps the reason for this is a 9 match unbeaten run Kosovo in official matches.

Bernard Challandes could not count on two of their main Midfielders. First and foremost the representative of the “Bremen” and Resize player “Reims” Arber Zeneli. They injured.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is famous for its discipline and she’s demonstrated this skill, being able to move away from a crushing defeat in the opening round from the England team with the score 0:5.

After the Czechs the house defeated Bulgaria and Montenegro, and has risen to second place in the group, and to hold it to the Czechs need to get points in Pristina. The victory will significantly increase the chances of second place, but a draw with a motivated Kosovo is quite satisfied with the Czechs.

Overall, despite the lack of high-profile stars, the Czechs look quite attractive, with Shilhavy is in order only those players who look great in this cut of the season. So, again it was not in the application Krencik, Dočkal, Otter, Pudil and Skoda.

And despite their absence, the Czechs give the result.

The main problems in the Czech Republic two. The first is the protection center, which is traditionally a problematic area of the team and Silhavy not yet found the perfect option in this area. The second is that the main striker of the national team of Czech Republic Patrick Chic gets a permanent playing practice in the new club “Leipzig”.

The coefficients and forecast

I advise you to put on TB 2. This rate is not lost in all the qualification matches as the Czech team and the national team of Kosovo. For both teams this match is important to continue to fight for a place on the Euro because it’s worth waiting for in this match activity from both teams. The match is expected to be intense and with a lot of goals.