Rates and prediction for Khachanov – Medvedev, August 10, 2019

Tennis tournament in Montreal is nearing its end. To the delight of fans of Karen Hechanova and Daniel Medvedev these tennis players will compete for the right to play in the final of such a prestigious tournament. We bring you a preview and prediction for the coming Russian tennis Derby.

The contents

  • Karen Khachanov
  • Daniil Medvedev
  • The coefficients and forecast

Karen Khachanov

After a good for the herbal segment of the season by reaching the quarter-finals of the tournament in Galle and the third round of Wimbledon Karen Khachanov started poorly on hard. At the tournament in Washington in the opening match was a defeat to Jo-Wilfried Congi.

Moving to Canada has shown us that Karen needs time to transition from one coverage area to another. Last year was a similar situation. We also saw the departure at the start of Washington and then the semi-finals of the Rogers Cup. Now we have seen that managed to carry Karen to the task and to defend points. And obviously not the easiest tournament table were the Russian tennis player.

In the first match in Montreal Karen was expecting terrible Stan Wawrinka. Worked confidently on his serve Khachanov at the right time and found the opportunity to break (6-4, 6-7. 6-2). Clearly noticeable was the performance advantage of the Russian physical training. In the third set, Stan’s pretty inferior in the movement, did not reach many goals.

In the match of 1/8 final Hechanova was expecting a fight not only with Felix auger, but with the tribunes who actively supported your tennis. To cope with this pressure Karen (6-7, 7-5, 6-3).

Next is the quarterfinals, it was much easier. Alexander Zverev too much wrong in the most simple situations. It often happens that Karen was just enough to securely keep the ball in play.

In General, at the moment, Khachanov has played in Montreal, demonstrates quite balanced and reliable tennis. Vs Daniil Medvedev Karen knows how to play. Not so long ago last year at the Kremlin Cup victory in three sets got it Karen.

Daniil Medvedev

Last week in Washington Daniil Medvedev demonstrated a great level of tennis and managed to reach the final. Now in Montreal, the Russian tennis player continued his success and is again on the verge of entering the final.

There were fears that will not stand Daniel to such charges and after a flight to Canada will not be able to continue their success. However, the current physical form of the player allows him to withstand such loads. Three matches held in Montreal slump Medvedev we observe. In the tournament passed Edmund, Gary and Tim.

In the last match against Dominic Thiem (6-3, 6-1) player never forced to question their power. Never not only lost her serve, but even did not allow the opponent to have break-point. The first Daniel looked perfectly, only 1 raffle is allowed to win Dominica.

The coefficients and forecast

Recent successes Daniil Medvedev has seriously affected the line of bookies in the upcoming semifinals. Just odds 1.50 estimate in line win of Daniel. Both players know one another, often train together. On current form we will not decline any of them. Two personal meetings happened riding with exchanges of sets. I think we should expect that this time the match will receive equal and worth the risk sigrav bet that the match will be played three sets.