Rates and prediction for Georgia — Denmark, 8 September 2019

In the first half of the match of the 6th round of qualification for the European Championship 2020, the year that will be held this Sunday, will play the teams of Georgia and Denmark, the participants of group D in the qualifying tournament.

For both teams this will be the 5th match in the UEFA Euro, that is, they have already met this year the game between them in Scandinavia ended with the score 5:1 in favor of the team from Northern Europe.

The contents

  • Georgia
  • Denmark
  • The coefficients and forecast


Before the start of the 6th round of UEFA Euro 2020, Georgian team took 3rd place in the standings of group D. the Caucasian teams in the standings only 3 points, so from a leading Irish it is behind by 8 points to catch up with them, you have to win at least a couple of matches and earn points in the remaining pair.

For Georgia this is really a problem, because it doesn’t sound like it has a chance to take first place and 2nd line it is 5 points is a minimum of a couple of wins to enter the top-2. Considering the fact that of the 4 previous games selection, she won only one and lost the other 3, CHE could stay without it.

But the Georgian team might be upset about the outcome of the qualification, since she won their group in the League of Nations, and the winners are supposed to play at least in the playoffs. But there Georgia will need to play with one or two teams and only one will advance to the final of UEFA Euro 2020.

If Georgia lose to Denmark, in fact, will lose the chance to qualify for the European championship, although technically she will have the opportunity to earn points.

But if you take into account the fact that the previous internal meeting Georgians with the Danes ended in the defeat of 5:1 and 7-and the last games of the home team, they missed only one, with the Gibraltarians, the chances are really very small.


Despite the fact that the Danish team is leading in group D, its performance is really leadership: 15 goals scored, 5 conceded and the difference is +10. Irish and Swiss miss less of the Scandinavians, but scored less than 2.5 times.

However, such impressive results will not allow Denmark to take first place, even if it can beat Georgia with any account — then it will be equal on points with Ireland, but will give due to her home draw with the score 1:1.

However, the position of the “scarlet guard” satisfactory: it is already at the 2nd place and, even if you lose the position, will be able to get to the final of the European Championship through the playoffs as group winner of the League of Nations.

Given that in the previous 9 games Denmark is not lost, the chance to gain 3 points high, but in the last 4 games she missed, and in 5 of the 6 from this Sunday and score herself, and gave to score goals against the opponents.

The coefficients and forecast

Although the Georgian football players will play in the capital of the country, they are considered underdogma to win in the home match:

7.2–7.9: the victory of the national team of Georgia;
4.2–4.5: draw;
1.4–1.5: the victory of the national team of Denmark.

The bookies give some careful choices for betting on this match, but practice shows that competitive ratios better not to trust, the more that Georgians need to score.