Rates and prediction for Arizona Coyotes — Carolina Hurricanes, November 3, 2018

In this match will meet teams who in recent years failed to reach the playoffs. But this season is quite optimistic factors for these groups. In the forecast they are in detail disclosed. What to expect from this match and what rate is most appropriate?

The contents

  • Arizona Coyotes
  • Carolina Hurricanes
  • Personal meetings
  • Prediction and odds

Arizona Coyotes

The last few seasons of “Arizona” was one of the main outsiders of the Western conference and the League in General. Outsider status is firmly latched on to the team. However, this season the team looks like it intends to begin to “unhook” yourself from this disappointing label.

After 11 rounds “Arizona” has 6 wins and 5 wins. In the 2015-2016 season after 10 rounds “Arizona” also had indicator wins over 50%, but in the end, to maintain a positive ratio of wins and losses was not possible.

At the moment the team is in the home series, which demonstrates convincing results:

“Arizona Coyotes” — “Vancouver Canucks” — 4:1
“Arizona Coyotes” — “Tampa Bay Lightning” — 7:1
“Arizona Coyotes” — “Ottawa Senators” — 5:1

Victory over one of the League favorites in recent years, “Tampa Bay” has given the players confidence and showed what they are capable this season’s team.

Great show newcomers: Alex Galchenyuk (came from the “Montreal Canadiens”), Michael Grabner (from “new Jersey devils”), Vinnie Hinostroza (from “Chicago Blackhawks”).

There are top players. Except that Oliver Ekman Larsson can be roughly approximated to this category. Enough young talented players. For Example, Clayton Keller, Brendan Perlini, Christian Dvorak, Christian Fisher.

Clayton Keller shows itself already in all its glory and is the most productive player on the team, having 11 matches 8 points scoring (5 goals + 3 assists). Dvorak is injured, this guy is extremely talented and could well help in the attack, and to compete Keller. But unfortunately this season he is unlikely to appear on the ice, he has a very serious injury.

Arizona is currently considering the possibility of signing another young talented striker, Swede William Nylander, who is a free agent.

The team is not pronounced leadership level. For example, in the match against “Tampa” all the links scored and 3 goals scored 3rd link.

This is a General picture of the current relative success of Arizona. Now let us look in more detail at the expense of what he achieved and I want to mention reliable over the team in the minority. According to this indicator, Arizona is the second team of the League with a 90% Penalty Kill.

As for the indicators advanced statistics, they say that “Arizona” is quite enough for the current result. The team is quite good at it looks.

The so-called good luck PDO indicator, which is defined as the sum of the percentages of shots and reflected shots. The norm is 100%. If this indicator has a value above 100, it indicates that the team was just lucky. So, “Arizona” he is 100%. And the shooting percentage is slightly below average in the League. It is the Coyote 6%, which is 28th in the League.

Sometimes, of course, carries the team, as in this case with the funny washer after a throw from his own goal, but overall the team is at a good level plays.

But the percentage of reflected throws second in the League and equal to 94%. Based on the above, we can assume that in the near future you can expect increased performance. because the indicators are likely to move in the direction of the averages.

One of the key indicators of advanced statistics is Corsi CF%, which is calculated as the ratio of shots applied and allowed to cause. That is characterizes in some way the activity of the team with the territorial advantage of the team plays or not. In the playoffs the vast majority of break command with a value of Corsi over 50%.

“Arizona” in terms of Corsi is 5th team in the League with a value of 53%.

Thus, the current quality of hockey in the performance of the Coyotes is consistent with the level of the playoffs and fans of teams not unreasonable to hope that their favourites finally make their way into a decisive stage of the season.

Carolina Hurricanes

After 12 games played, Carolina has equal wins and losses (6-6). The last few seasons that “Carolina” from season to season demonstrates a consistently high reading Corsi, but the lack of class (or sufficient srednekamennogo skill) does not allow “Storms” to advance in post-season: 2015/2016 — 10th place 2016/2017 — 12-th place, 2017/2018 — 10-e a place. While the team lies on the border of the zone playoffs — 8th place in the Eastern conference.

Sebastian Aho — that’s the hope, “Carolina”. This 21-year-old hockey player will probably be added and become a real star of the League and world hockey. This guy has high hockey intellect. He is able to set the pace of the game, to act as the brain of the team, elegant as an assistant, is fast, has excellent speed and technique.

Well, back to advanced statistics. Carolina is the League leader in Corsi indicator that she is 60%. Very much a team throws at goal and most of the playing time in a strange area.

PDO is equal to 98%, that is, the quality of the game “Carolina” is consistent with the position in the table. Even there is a reserve for improvements — as usual low the percentage, at 6%.

There is still room for improvement in the game. The coaching staff of the Carolina led Native Brandamore need to seriously reflect on the work STARBRIGHT majority and minority.

On the game in the minority Carolina is the worst team in the League with a 66.7 percent.

The implementation of most only the 25th team in the League with 14.2 per cent. Having Sebastian Aho even ashamed to have this Power Play.

While “Carolina” is only one triple attack works on the level and this, of course, the trio of Sebastian Aho Michael Ferland and Teuvo teravainen at the edges.

Look at the performance of the players, “Carolina”, with some superiority ahead of all the first three. Contribution to the performance of other links is too small.

The second three of an attack by the Vogel — Jordan Staal — Williams needs to play more effectively. To do this, they have the potential.

For the upcoming match “Carolina” is coming after two home defeats in a row. First gave “new York islanders” 1:2, perebrosali opponents 39-20. And “Boston” 2:3, perebrosali opponents 44-31. Twice led the score in the match against “Boston”.

These lesions further motivate the team. To them, by the way, Carolina defeated a very strong club “San Jose sharks” 4:3. Top defense, “San Jose” are unable to contain the offensive onslaught of “Hurricane”, 41 shot was on target, the “Sharks”.

In General, one can hardly say that “Carolina” is on the decline. Just a weak and unstable chances sometimes does not allow the team to take points in matches in which the content of the game they were supposed to belong to her by right. Roller coaster — style motion commands for the season.

Personal meetings

Let’s look at the matches of these teams over the last 3 seasons.

“Carolina” — “Arizona” — 5:4
“Arizona” — “Carolina” — 4:5
“Carolina” — “AZ” — 2:4
“Arizona” — “Carolina” — 1:2
“Arizona” — “Carolina” — 2:1 B
“Carolina” — “AZ” — 6:5

As you can see, Carolina has the edge with 4 wins against 2. Also notes the high performance.

Prediction and odds

Given the figures advanced statistics, we see that both teams are active in a strange area. In this case apply a lot of shots on goal their opponents, but their implementation often fails to achieve more consistent results. But potentially the team play the style of play, which is to the top position in the total that occurs in personal meetings. In “Arizona” all three attacks score, “Caroline” there is an irrepressible three of the Aho, but the second link is capable of and should be added. Well, as I said goalkeeping performance from “Arizona” overstated and most likely will decline and the percentage from both the team needs to grow up a little.

Team one level and watch out for each other will not enable them to play their football. Regarding the winner looked to be still in the side of the hotel. “Carolina” after two defeats more motivated. And the game they are quite good. Against the powerful “Boston” looked decent and even well surpassed by the surge. As the underdog it is possible to play a victory of “Carolina”.

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